Sigma Software Product: Project Management Tool

Manage and monitor your whole project portfolio status to stay in control of core KPIs, optimize project management processes and enhance the efficiency of your PM efforts
Comprehensive Project Portfolio Management Tool
PM Tool to easily manage & control multiple projects delivered by different business units and teams
  • We help you to:

    Get a helicopter view on your projects’ portfolio and zoom into details when needed. With PM Tool you can easily manage & control multiple projects delivered by different business units and teams without the need to unify or limit their choice of task and project management tools

  • PM Tool Allows you to:

    • Manage project plans, reports, risks, and milestones
    • Share status updates and easily track those across the whole portfolio
    • Assess projects efficiency and control quality
    • Streamline workflow and resource management
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Using PM Tool as a part of our delivery quality control system, we’ve managed to build strong reporting culture and achieve a 50% decrease in projects with “red” statuses
Yevgen Bachinskiy
Head of Compliance
Sigma Software

PM Tool Overview

Why PM Tool

Businesses that run multiple projects simultaneously often face the need to access and track their statuses on a helicopter level without diving deep into the details of each project. Most of the solutions on the market offer status monitoring as an add-on to task management tools. But what if you use diverse task management tools for your projects?

In this case PM Tool is just the right solution. It allows to monitor projects’ portfolio status & focus on key parameters – budget, schedule, risks, quality, and related KPIs. And still imposes no restrictions on your team and your clients’ choice of task tracking tools.

  • A holistic view of your portfolio projects’ status – milestones, KPIs, potential risks and issues, quality, and compliance.
  • Main projects parameters’ trends that help to quickly evaluate the progress.
  • Project Management Plan template to define each project objectives, scope, deliverables, and timelines.
  • Possibility to track 20+ predefined KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) out-of-the-box and add custom ones if needed.
  • Customizable Assessment Checklists that permit to track the project compliance to organization’s practices and standards.
  • Role-based access management model.
  • Flexibility and scalability that allow to accommodate projects of diverse sizes, complexities, methodologies and workflows.

PM Tool provides a comprehensive functionality for tracking and monitoring project portfolio and is an ideal solution for companies that work on the project-based model be it IT, construction, consulting, or engineering.

At the same time, each business has its unique project management and delivery processes. Thus, the integration project always includes processes investigation and solution functionality adjustment to your company’s specifics, while promoting best practices in project and portfolio management.

The typical onboarding flow looks as follows:

  • Pre-study: PM Tool team makes a high-level investigation of your company’s structure and processes, to conclude about the necessary configuration of PM Tool.
  • Training: Our team offers a course on PM Tool for your company’s employees and management, accompanied by training materials and guides.
  • Inception: installation of PM Tool, integration with your company’s assess management system.
  • Onboarding: your allocated administrator creates departments (organizational units), accounts (customers), and projects.
  • Usage and Support: a dedicated support channel is provided to address the ongoing questions.

PM Tool is currently used by Sigma Software to successfully manage over 200 simultaneous projects. In addition, it has several installations with other IT and engineering companies.

One of our customers saved $200k as a result of delivery processes audit performed by Sigma Software and PM Tool introduction. Thanks to more efficient project portfolio management, PM Tool enabled the Client to spot optimization opportunities in their existing project delivery processes and resulted in more efficient planning and operations driving the savings.

  • Efficient tracking of main project parameters
  • Possibility to easily spot inefficiencies and deviations
  • ISO-compliant processes
  • Effective information exchange within a company.
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