Competence Lead in Testing

As a Competence Leader, you will be working with a variety of technological stacks and approaches we utilize in the Company.

Acting Competence Lead is a person that guides the way Testing Service is evolving over time. You create a vision of how to reach the results, experiment, try different ideas and learn, so to find an optimal solution for business issues our Clients face. You are making the product we deliver even better, and it is you who make the way we develop and test those go up.

There will be only one challenge you face – to build up and support the development of software testing competence in the company regional office. It takes visioning, consistency and creativity, as well as it gives pride of achievements in a growing organization.

Your responsibilities will include:

  • Active contribution to competence center setup
  • Gathering a team of professionals, coaching, sharing knowledge, etc.
  • Business development support: making proposals, setting up processes, teams and working with Customers

What we expect from you is expert and strong knowledge in the following areas:

  • Test Experience and knowledge: 
    • should be able to analyze project, including goals and limitations clarification/identification, compose test strategy, identify points for improvement, propose a realistic plan for improvements introduction
    • Good in Agile, SCRUM, Kanban
    • Strong understanding of development practices
  • Requirements: 
    • Understanding of different types of requirements, their pros and cons
    • Good vision of how to cover all the requirements with tests
  • Documentation: 
    • All the deliverables of good quality, minimal reviews required
    • Able to create TS, TP, Complex reports
    • Able to review cases, check-lists, mind maps, scenarios
  • Technical knowledge:
    • Should have a good basis
    • Should be able to get new knowledge in short terms
  • Estimation: 
    • Should have experience estimating iterations/projects
    • Should be able to tune estimates basing on input (goal, limitations, etc.)
    • Should know best practices
    • Should have experience working with assumptions and risks during the estimation
  • Communication: 
    • Strong skill in contact establishment
    • Perfect presentation skills 
    • Should be able to describe complex matters to peers and customers of all levels
    • Perfect skills in knowledge sharing
  • Leadership:
    • Proven ability to inspire people/team
    • Strong skills in feedback sharing
  • Management
    • Tools for progress tracking
    • Metrics
    • Planning
    • Risks and issues: identify, propose strategy, tracking 
    • RCA

You are welcome to join our team!
Please send your CV to: