Data Engineer (Sportsbook Application)

If you are an expert in databases and you are ready to work with large amount of data, then we are waiting for you - Data Engineer. You will work on development of the middle layer of Sportsbook product for our Swedish customer.

Project description:

The layer has microservices architecture in Node.js. You will be a part of the team responsible for the development of the solution that gets sports data every few seconds from a data provider, structures the data, and saves in database(s). The solution then provides the data to a client by request. The volume of data and requests is reasonably high, and the solution should provide a corresponding level of performance.

You will work together with a Node.js specialist on our side and with a team of developers on the customer’s side. The project uses SCRUM methodology.

Qualifications you must have to join us:

  • Strong knowledge and experience in NoSQL databases, Couchbase is mandatory since that's what in use today
  • Experience with Data Warehouses
  • Ability to structure data in a maintainable and efficient way and define processes for how we work with related data
  • Node.js, C++, Java, or another back-end programming language
  • Experience in development of microservices and/or understanding of microservices architecture is a plus
  • Knowledge in machine learning is a plus, since we are going towards personalized/localized content as much as possible.
  • Splunk experience is beneficial 
  • RabbitMQ would be a plus

In scope of the project your major activities will include:

  • Develop APIs to get data from data provider and provide them to client
  • Structure different types of data (long-term, real time, etc)
  • Select appropriate databases/warehouses and data structures to save the data
  • Introduce AI to provide personalized data for clients 

You are welcome to join our team!
Please send your CV to: