Middle Test Engineer

We are looking for a Middle Test Engineer, who is open for professional growth and advancement, proactive and self-managed.

Project description: 

The project assumes development of a video platform that helps create and share movies in a quick and easy way even for beginners. Take the step into the video communication revolution! The brain absorbs film 50,000 times faster than written text. Let’s change the stage of video making for everybody.

Join our project and you will get:

  • Development from scratch on our side
  • Working with a true Scrum methodology
  • Startup environment

Main responsibilities:

  • Analyze and clarify requirements 
  • Plan and estimate testing activities
  • Create test documentation (test cases, checklist, mind map)
  • Perform manual functional, regression and compatibility testing (Web, Mobile)
  • Report issues, monitor reported issues, and verify after they are resolved
  • Effectively collaborate with team members to achieve the best results
  • Effectively collaborate with customer-side PO to deliver full business value
  • Hold regular and clear status and progress reporting

Technical requirements:

  • At least 3-year experience in quality assurance
  • Experience and deep awareness in functional testing (test design techniques, change impact analysis, etc.)
  • Experience in manual functional, compatibility, usability and integration testing
  • Experience in mobile testing (iOS, Android native, and web-based applications)
  • Experience in Agile software development, task management, and tracking tools
  • Experience with various formats of product requirements (e.g. user stories written by Product Owner)
  • Strong communication and reporting skills
  • Good estimation skills
  • At least Intermediate level of spoken and written English

Personal skills:

  • Analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Exceptional (getting things done on time regardless of blockers)
  • Team player with a sense of responsibility 
  • Open to new solutions and responsibilities 
  • Ability to study gradually in parallel with real tasks 
  • Thoroughness and love to perfection

You are welcome to join our team!
Please send your CV to: team@sigma.software