We are looking for a passionate Middle/Senior Node.js Developer who will launch a powerful project!

We are looking for a passionate Go specialist to join our friendly team of professionals.

Let`s build together a new platform, which allows book publishers to reach a number of retailers in order to sell their books.

If your passion is mastering different technologies and you always strive for self-development, you are welcome to take part in setting up the best testing practices with our team of Test Automation Engineers.

Do you want to work on a project from scratch? Do you want to be a part of an experienced team? We are looking for a Project Manager.

We welcome a Middle .NET Developer to be a part of our experienced team!

The project we offer is one of the best desktop application for photographers according to the Mac App Store awards. It helps create the most incredible images in less time.  

If you are looking for a technically complex and high load project, we will be glad to see you as part of our team.

We are looking for a team of DevOps Engineers who can develop and support our customer’s virtualization platform based on OpenStack. 

We are looking for a Middle Test Engineer who is well-organized and detail-oriented, has strong reporting, analytical skills and ability to solve problems.

We are looking for a Middle Test Engineer, who is open for professional growth and advancement, proactive and self-managed.

Sigma Software team develops a video content sharing platform called Vidible that helps the world find, syndicate, and monetize video.