Software Product Houses

Product houses face the need to constantly upgrade their products, sometimes dealing with features that are out of their area of expertise. Sigma Software has a huge technology stack and a competent team of self-driven experts efficient at remote work. We can quickly provide the lacking resources to extend the development team for as long as you need.

We are Your Workforce Pool

You can quickly expand your workforce with qualified software engineers available to support your processes in Sigma Software. A wide selection of specialists will cover your needs in a range of technologies and development areas.

We are a Long Runner

Creating new features, updating and upgrading software products can require resources, skills, and qualifications for a long time and beyond your assets. Instead of hiring new people and facing associated logistics, managing, and training issues, get as many trained experts as your need in Sigma Software for exactly as long as required.

We Ensure Efficient Remote Work

Constant cooperation with customers in nearshore and offshore locations taught as how to set up teams that efficiently work with remote partners and projects. We employ orchestrated communication methods providing for seamless interactions.

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