Peo Persson, CPO at DanAds:

“DanAds platform allows advertisers to easily create ads campaigns, analyse results by gathering reports and statistics in real time or via email. The solution becomes quite popular on US market, recently we have signed several contracts with big publishers. We consider cooperation with Sigma Software as one of the strong sides of our product, since we are always sure the solution comes on a high level of quality and we can always rely on timely assistance. We don’t have in-house specialists, as we are perfectly happy with the professionalism that Sigma Software team demonstrates. We feel great dedication from their side, which is very important for us.”

Elias Caselunghe, Product Manager at Long-Term Archive:

“Such a big success was only possible because you are doing a great job. I want you to know that I am very happy with the work you do!”

Erik Jangert, Project Manager at Revide:

“As mentioned earlier we are very pleased with Artem’s [developer] work. He is doing well and is devoted to the project.”

Truls Persson, Senior Project Manager at Sigma Connectivity:

“Working with Sigma Software has been very pleasant. The combination of technology excellence and dedication to deliver makes them the perfect partner in complex system design. Sigma Software provides us with high quality plans, rapid execution and swift part deliveries; even in the absence of clear prerequisites. In other words: Sigma Software is Taking Care of Business!”

US Company Manager:

“I want to commend your team for the work you guys have done. I think the new web theme looks very good, and the recent enhancements are working out perfectly.” This feedback was received on the website development and design works performed for a Sigma Software customer, a US-based IT company.

Charlotta Wendel, Team Leader at Sigma Exallon AB:

“We were very happy to have Sigma Software Senior Programmer of the project here, joining our team for several weeks and we are very pleased with the work he did for us, it was performed in an efficient and highly professional manner.”

Project was successfully carried out by Sigma Exallon AB in cooperation with Sigma Software for a global telecom operator and mobile communication company. Sigma Software was efficiently involved in .NET/MS SQL web-portal performance improvement.

Manager at US Company:

“I had a very good meeting with Sigma Software Quality Assurance Team Lead, and wanted to pass on my comments that Sigma Software is doing a very good job for us. I am very pleased with the transition and his leadership of the team.

Sigma Software Quality Assurance Team Lead communications are thorough, timely and sufficient. He has adopted a Gantt chart in weekly status reports that clearly indicate what their preliminary testing schedule is, and yet he is flexible to accommodate our requests. For instance, Sigma Software just did a build verification, performance testing, and a full test cycle on three separate products in a simultaneous manner over three days. We are caught up on these products, and can now turn full attention again to product cycles.

I think his initiative in sponsoring test plans and getting confirmation from developers prior to the test cycles has made the work all teams are doing much more valuable and efficient.”

Message from a manager of an established US company which is using Sigma Software and Tech Data Solutions services for ongoing Quality Assurance of their finance and accounting software products.

Robert Lann, Riksteatern:

“I wish to express my appreciation for the work done in order to make scenkonstportalen.se happen. Together with us at Riksteatern you have created an important piece of the puzzle that sets the basis for Swedish and international touring stagearts to develop and multiply. Thanks for your work, your efforts and your positive and creative mindset. And thanks for bringing scenkonstportalen.se alive! Nice work!

Project goal: website development based on PHP5, Drupal, and HTML5.

Fredrik Lundkvist, VD at Sigma Systems Innovation AB:

“Just received the below mail from Swedbank. It says “Start the party! Just ran the first test against Sigma environment — connection and purchase! It works! Thank you all!”

Thank you for the efforts, the obviously high competence and quality you have delivered together with a focus and commitment which match our own! This is our first joint effort and it was as you know important for us to see if the quality and commitment we felt was there could be handled together and we are very happy with the cooperation and outcome.

Keep up the great work, keep communicating openly and with trust as the base — also when trouble arise — and we will have a great partnership moving on!”

Alex Kalinovsky, CEO at CreamTec:

“I'm impressed with your professionalism and ability to handle customers well. Especially since you had to learn about the product on the fly. Great job.”

US Customer Online Geo-Informational Services Web-Portal:

“Thanks to you and the team. I appreciate your work and dedication. The site looks great! Though I look ahead to much that I want to do, I am quite proud and happy with what we have accomplished…”

Peo Persson, CPO at DanAds:

“The security Audit performed by Sigma Software Security Team was very important for DanAds. As we are about to launch our self-service platform for one of the biggest US Publishers, who have strict security regulations, doing the audit and fixing the reported vulnerabilities demonstrated how serious we are to protect our customers’ data. Our clients were impressed to hear about such initiative from our end. The amounts of cybercrime nowadays grows every day and it’s important to be one step ahead with the security of the software products. We highly recommend Sigma Security Team to other customers who want to protect their data and maintain their users trust.”

Dóra Cseresnyés, COO at Sigma Technology Hungary:

“We have been delivering Product Information services to Knorr-Bremse since 2013. This was our first software development assignment for them, a collaboration between Sigma Technology Hungary and Sigma Software. It is our pleasure to be partners of such a prestigious customer in their innovative research and pre-development work.”

Peter Nielsen, Development Manager at Incit:

“Over the years Incit Xpand has been improving, evolving, and gaining new customers. We really appreciate the contribution of Sigma Software team in the product success. They always perform at a high level and know the industry specifics well. This is what differentiates them from many IT services providers. We are looking forward for further cooperation, I`m sure it will be just as fruitful and productive.”

Jerome FitzGibbons, Co-founder of Zapp360:

“We engaged Sigma Software to work on the project in early 2013. We started from the initial concept, and then worked together on building framework, designing wireframes, testing the product. Less than 12 months later, at the end of the same year, the application went to the market. Today this is a multimillion dollars business. Sigma Software has been a key element of this success helping us to achieve such rapid growth. We consider them as a strong partner for us.”

Vince Warhol, Data I/O:

“Thanks for the utility program. I have finished my acceptance testing of the project and I consider the project complete. You and your team have done a good job completing this project in a timely fashion and with good quality. Thanks very much.”

Michael Hyman, serial entrepreneur from Seattle, the USA:

“I've worked with many different outsourcing companies throughout my career, and have found that Sigma Software stands out as an excellent technology partner. The staff is sharp, dedicated, and treats projects with ownership. When a deadline looms or an operational problem occurs, you can rely on the team to be there. I've worked with them over the last several years and have had nothing but good experiences.”

Shaun Gomm, Business Development Manager at Sigma AB:

“A key thing that came out of the meeting, which I feel must be passed over to you, is how much Anton’s work and approach has been appreciated by the client and his team. He was very keen to relay how “superb” Anton is at his job, how he is able to get to the detail and understand the problem and how he is able to work with limited requirements.  This is indeed high praise from one of our key clients so please pass on our thanks to Anton for doing and continuing to do a fantastic job and helping to win additional business.”

Leonardo Landi, CTO at Negentis:

“The project is accepted. I thank all team members for efficiency and high quality of material delivered in the scope of this project. Thanks to all of you! The system developed has been assigned the “most innovative solution” among software systems that has been obtained for 2010 competition at our customer.”

Chris Poulin, Managing Partner at US Software Company:

“During the project’s initial development, Sigma Software initially provided all server side coding and system configuration to implement the architectural requirements provided by Netanything. As the project has developed, Sigma Software involvement has further progressed into providing architectural recommendations.

We look forward to continued work with Sigma Software!”

The project was carried out in cooperation with the US partner of Sigma Software

Brand Manager at Interactive Games:

“By the way, Crossword is beautiful — I believe it is the best graphically looking game that has been done for us by Boss Media/Sigma Software. Great job, team!”

Crossword is a new Flash-based online game developed by Sigma Software for one of the leading gaming operators.

Game Operator Representative:


I would just like to send this email to show my appreciation for Sigma Software consultant’s hard work and dedication…

He has been a vital asset to the Client’s application migration Project and has worked speedily and effectively to deliver all I ask for and require…

…his efforts to date and his drive and support has certainly increased my confidence in Boss Media and I look forward to carrying on working with Sigma Software consultant in the future.”

Sigma Software implemented the integration to SPIELO G2 (game operator, former Boss Media).

Christel Lundberg, Project Manager at Sigma AB:

"When I looked at the review my thoughts were, what a great team we are! What we have accomplished these last months! We have delivered everything we estimated during these 2 weeks, in a very cold Alingsås. Plus more that the customer wanted on the way. It was a really good decision to make the last sprint into a stabilization and delivery sprint. It felt good today in the review. No surprises. And a happy customer.

But this is all because of you. The team. If anyone asks, I will say the Dream Team. Who made this possible."

Product Manager at Swedish supplier of vehicle parts:

“I am very happy with the system as it is today, it still remains to add some adjustments and “fresh” data, but globally, all that I have imagined at the beginning of the project is present and you’ve added even more on some functions. I’m confident that it will receive good welcomes from the customer and allow us to transmit a good image. I have lots of ideas of enhancement for the future, but one thing at a time.”

Andriy Vyshnevsky, Head of Lviv municipal enterprise City Information Technology Center:

“Sigma Software has a good reputation on the international market, and it is our pleasure to work with them. In their work they use best practices to meet the highest quality standards. What is also important, the company has a local office in Lviv. We had an experience working with other IT companies and can actually compare. We would like to thank the company for their support and excellent work they did. As our next steps we plan to expand the number of indicators on the portal up to 850 and introduce displaying data in dynamics from 2010.”

Giorgio Buonfiglio, Head of Casino development at IGT:

“I`m really happy with the work Sigma Software does on these projects. I`m sure that their dedication and professionalism will guarantee our products` success on the Italian and global markets.”

Alexey Einor, Head of Vendor Management Service at Wargaming:

“Our company claims very high requirements for code quality. It is our pleasure to acknowledge that Sigma Software was able to meet our expectations. This, actually, applies not only to quality of the produced code, but to all processes and approaches they used in daily work.”

Rafael Litwicki, Software Manager at Sigma Connectivity:

“Sigma Software was the first experience of nearshore collaboration for us. From the very first days they’d shown an excellent way of handling communication and a great confidence in a working process establishment. The technical part was also excellent; experts were easily extending the areas of responsibility and supported our engineers with all the components.”

Ilona Kaplunov, Blue Apple Design:

“I have been able to look at the flash animations created by your team and if I can get the quality of ice portal flash demo from you guys, we will have a lot of projects together!” Flash Animation Project accomplished by Sigma Software in association with the US Partner.

US Customer Online Solution for Senior Housing Providers Staff:

“I just finished training people and they thought the product was great! They said, “We’re very excited to get this rolled out. Wish we would have had this 10 years ago. It’s very easy to use, all of the users should be able to use this no problem. After we have been using the product for a couple of months, we’ll probably want to get another product as well.” THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! For doing such a great job for us.”

Development Manager at GTECH:

“We are very satisfied with the performance of our Ukrainian consultants. All tasks that we gave to Sigma Software team have always been resolved in a timely manner and with good quality. The team has mostly worked with maintenance- and hot-fix releases and has most of the time been driving these releases by themselves, including everything from finding the issue(s), defining a solution, implementing and testing and then finally making the actual release. The team has never complained about working weekends or late hours and has always delivered solutions on time.

Lately Sigma Software team has been more involved in a new feature development, and we are getting good results from this as well. You are using our development model in a good way and from our point of view the team is almost self-managed, which decreases the overhead we otherwise would have to manage the team!”

CIO at North American company:

“Kate is performing very well. She is easy to communicate with, very sharp and comes up with all the right questions. She is helping me porting everything to pure JavaScript (jQuery). That is the platform I’ve selected to build all my trading tools.

Kate is doing a great job. I am very happy with you guys, especially Kate.”

Feedback on Flex developer work.

Constantine Korovkin, VP of Solutions, Akvelon:

“We love the simplicity of use, well-crafted interface and the overall concept of the Eclipse Time Server. After a long search for a simple but robust time tracking tool that provides ease of implementation and meaningful output of info, we’re very pleased to have ETS as a component of our corporate intranet.

We’ve spent some time to find a solution that would suit best our three major requirements:

1) have the ability to track project hours and employee efficiency;

2) be able to analyze the effectiveness of company`s operations;

3) unify project progress reporting and manage risks through a risk management tool.

I think you did a very nice job meeting all three requirements. ETS is a very nice product and well worth the cost, good job.”

Akvelon is an IT company based in Seattle (7 employees), Ivanovo (35 employees) and Kharkiv (42 employees) and has implemented ETS at all three offices.

Mostafa Salahshour, Consultant at Sigma Exallon AB :

“During the time we have been working together, Ann as a developer and me as a Team Leader, Ann has shown impressive capabilities to act, sometimes under high pressure, in an organized and structured way, showing responsibility and commitment to reach high results. She has shown great enthusiasm about her work and is also a very nice person to deal with. Ann’s knowledge in IS areas is outstanding.

This has enabled her not only to perform her part in the project perfectly, but also to willingly help other team members with their daily project activities. Ann is a problem solver, which speeds up the process for a lot of time-consuming service and project activities.”

Mostafa Salahshour providing a reference to a consultant involved in a project for one of the world’s leading mobile phone manufacturer.

CEO at US company :

“Thanks for all your work. You guys are perhaps the most prompt group I’ve worked with.”

The project was implemented for one of the clients of our strategic US partner Tech Data Solutions.