I have felt from day one that we were a team, with everyone working towards exactly the same goals. Despite the hard requirements, I never felt neither the pace or quality went down.

When we started the project, I said we would release the most UX perfected and bug free platform we've ever launched. I feel here that all the developers and QAs stepped up and over-delivered. We were able to meet the client's very demanding security compliance requirements, due to the DevOps, engineers and team making a tireless job in reviewing the code inside out and setting up our Amazon environments. Never felt more confident about the security of a project!

Such a big success was only possible because you are doing a great job. I want you to know that I am very happy with the work you do!

I`m really happy with the work Sigma Software does on these projects. I`m sure that their dedication and professionalism will guarantee our products` success on the Italian and global markets.

We engaged Sigma Software to work on the project in early 2013. We started from the initial concept, and then worked together on building framework, designing wireframes, testing the product. Less than 12 months later, at the end of the same year, the application went to the market. Today this is a multimillion dollars business. Sigma Software has been a key element of this success helping us to achieve such rapid growth. We consider them as a strong partner for us.

Thanks for the utility program. I have finished my acceptance testing of the project and I consider the project complete. You and your team have done a good job completing this project in a timely fashion and with good quality. Thanks very much.

I have been able to look at the flash animations created by your team and if I can get the quality of ice portal flash demo from you guys, we will have a lot of projects together!” Flash Animation Project accomplished by Sigma Software in association with the US Partner.

I wish to express my appreciation for the work done in order to make scenkonstportalen.se (link is external) happen. Together with us at Riksteatern you have created an important piece of the puzzle that sets the basis for Swedish and international touring stagearts to develop and multiply. Thanks for your work, your efforts and your positive and creative mindset. And thanks for bringing scenkonstportalen.se (link is external) alive! Nice work!

Sigma Software has a good reputation on the international market, and it is our pleasure to work with them. In their work they use best practices to meet the highest quality standards. What is also important, the company has a local office in Lviv. We had an experience working with other IT companies and can actually compare. We would like to thank the company for their support and excellent work they did. As our next steps we plan to expand the number of indicators on the portal up to 850 and introduce displaying data in dynamics from 2010.

Over the years Incit Xpand has been improving, evolving, and gaining new customers. We really appreciate the contribution of Sigma Software team in the product success. They always perform at a high level and know the industry specifics well. This is what differentiates them from many IT services providers. We are looking forward for further cooperation, I`m sure it will be just as fruitful and productive.

As mentioned earlier we are very pleased with Artem’s [developer] work. He is doing well and is devoted to the project.

Our company claims very high requirements for code quality. It is our pleasure to acknowledge that Sigma Software was able to meet our expectations. This, actually, applies not only to quality of the produced code, but to all processes and approaches they used in daily work.

The project is accepted. I thank all team members for efficiency and high quality of material delivered in the scope of this project. Thanks to all of you! The system developed has been assigned the “most innovative solution” among software systems that has been obtained for 2010 competition at our customer.

I'm impressed with your professionalism and ability to handle customers well. Especially since you had to learn about the product on the fly. Great job.

You guys did an excellent job! I was most impressed by the timely manner of delivery and flexibility in such an agile environment. I am certainly looking forward to continuing to work with you on new features.

Danads platform allows advertisers to easily create ads campaigns, analyse results by gathering reports and statistics in real time or via email. The solution becomes quite popular on US market, recently we have signed several contracts with big publishers. We consider cooperation with Sigma Software as one of the strong sides of our product, since we are always sure the solution comes on a high level of quality and we can always rely on timely assistance. We don’t have in-house specialists, as we are perfectly happy with the professionalism that Sigma Software team demonstrates. We feel great dedication from their side, which is very important for us.