Test Lead Challenger

Our Software Testing Department needs a talented Test Leader to join the Department management team. We welcome experienced professionals to start right away, but we are willing to educate and to train as well, so we keep the door opened for enthusiastic people with lean and hungry look.

We believe that a real Leader is a person acknowledged and accepted by colleagues, not the one appointed by a Big Boss. You may feel lucky about this opportunity, so we give you a simple self-check, you can fill in before applying:

  • You have introduced innovations you are really proud of
  • You understand details of the process you're working within and can explain it to an 8-year-old person
  • "Getting things done" means something to you personally
  • You understand what efficiency means
  • In your world there is no such thing as responsibilities ping-pong
  • You don't usually use phrases like "leveraging our synergies"
  • You can talk on all the points above in good English

All points checked? Great! Now you are ready to accept the challenge.

You are welcome to join our team!
Please send your CV to: team@sigma.software