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  • Business need:

    As a part of a Digital Transformation initiative, TecAlliance wanted to reengineer the existing digital platform for more efficiency and reliability. They were looking for a reliable supplier to bring in Big Data & Cloud expertise and extend the in-house team.

  • Result:

    TecAlliance launched the new, cost-efficient, easy to scale and maintain solution developed by in-house and Sigma Software experts according to the best BigData & Cloud practices. We further support the Client in product development and enhancement, extending the solution with new modules.

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“Sigma Software supports us in our digital transformation journey. With the first results we were able to achieve major milestones and set the base for further progress. They provide us on all levels with highly professional support and expertise!”
Tobias Roth
Vice President Information Management

Collaboration Overview

Key Facts

TecAlliance is the leading expert for data management and processes in the automotive aftermarket. In addition to up-to-date vehicle and spare parts data in the globally renowned TecDoc Catalogue, the portfolio includes comprehensive repair and maintenance information as well as solutions and consulting services for e-commerce and fleet management.

As a part of the digital transformation inside TecAlliance, they decided to replace the existing data warehouse software with a new solution based on modern technologies. Sigma Software’s specialists were engaged to reinforce the TecAlliance’s development team and support the company with consulting in Cloud and Big Data. Our experts worked hand-in-hand with the Client’s team across various product lines:

  • Data Processing team delivers solutions for data lake building, including those to combine / aggregate large data amounts from various source files into company’s standard, transform raw data into a predefined object schema with providing the unified format for data consumption
  • TecWeb team develops additional modules for the B2B marketplace automating the bad batch return processes and generating the vendor rating for end clients (with detailed information regarding shipment, pricing, quality, etc.)
  • Data Distribution team provides development and integration of the brand data storage for internal TecAlliance products.

The Client wanted to create a robust data platform that would eliminate manual refills, easily process significant data volumes, and safeguard data consistency & accuracy. They also wanted to achieve full cloud adoption to ensure higher performance and lower efforts for aftermarket platform maintenance.

We helped the Client to design and develop a solution that addresses TecAlliance business needs in full, support both vertical & horizontal scaling, and is capable of handling 200+ requests a second (e.g. a complex selection within a database requiring about 35 massive data dictionaries to be processed) from different end-customers.

  • Safeguarded easy and cost-efficient maintenance with true serverless architecture taking the most out of the services AWS provides out-of-the-box (e.g. AWS Lambda for data collection, preparation & insertion; AWS Glue managed service for data clusterization)
  • Built a robust data lake based on Apache Hudi open-source framework that allows bypassing data immutability limitations and enables smooth data management (e.g. versioning, replacement, field discovery)
  • Provided for increased system scaling & extension capacity with Data Mesh architectural approach that ensures distribution of a monolithic data lake into microservices.

Our Software Testing experts helped TecAlliance to build test automation frameworks for integration & performance testing. To date, our specialists have built 767 API tests that are automatically executed after each commit in the development branch and are followed by a detailed report on the current system state.

Sigma Software’s test automation engineers followed the best Quality Assurance practices and frameworks to safeguard the efficiency of the testing process:

  • Behavior-driven testing (BDD) approach helped safeguard tests maintainability and ease of further modification as all tests are focused on the feature’s business value and are written in plain and coherent language
  • Data-driven testing (DDT) approach used to simplify test coverage extension for tests with a big amount of data sets since the same test scenarios are reused for different data sets
  • Serenity BDD framework allowed to streamline automated regression tests development and make them cleaner and easier to maintain, as well as keep the test reports well-documented & intuitive
  • Junit framework utilized as a test runner for JVM (Java Virtual Machine) and a handy assertion tool to check test outcome.


Our long-term cooperation with Sigma Software is a win-win situation. Both parties profit from the close collaboration, the experiences and knowledge within our digital transformation!
Tobias Roth
Tobias Roth

Vice President Information Management


The project is by no means simple, and our team takes part in almost every aspect of it. But the fact that we help TecAlliance in the end-to-end transformation of the data that comes in nearly DVDs into a comprehensive catalog to be used in almost every country in the world makes every effort worth it.
Darya Gruntovskaya
Darya Gruntovskaya

Account Manager

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