AR Gamification App Development for a Shopping Mall

Our team created an AR app transforming the mall into a gamified playground where visitors can play multiple AR games (collect coins, take quizzes, etc.) to gain points and win amazing prizes
The world’s first shopping resort
Mall transformation into AR playground through development of a shopping mall application
  • Business Need:

    The Client was preparing for the annual shopping & entertainment festival – Dubai Summer Surprises and wanted to innovate on the way they handle the occasion and engage new customers. They were willing to implement AR technologies and involved us to bring their idea to life.

  • Result:

    Our team designed & delivered an immersive AR app on top of our Black Snow Game platform. It brought a new shopping experience to visitors and broadened the Mall of the Emirates’ (MOE) audience. The first campaign has already attracted 500+ users and more campaigns will be launched soon.

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Everyone understands that growth is not possible without getting out of your comfort zone and we step forward into the unknown in order to create innovation.
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Collaboration Overview

Key Facts

Mall of the Emirates is a first-ever shopping resort that blends extended shopping (630+ retail stores) & entertainment experience with an integrated 5-star hotel resort. The mall serves over 1.5+ Bn. customers and strives to provide them with unmatched service. The Client wanted to introduce an AR gaming experience to their mall and turned to our AR experts for help.

We delivered a top-notch AR app that brings the Client’s campaigns & brand promotion to a new height. The MOE Playground App introduces a new experience for the customers, dipping them into an engaging play with a full AR immersion available through regular smartphones:

  • The ground floor of the mall serves as a playground and is divided into three different game zones
  • Any customer can take part in this game by making a purchase for AED 300, getting the keycode on the service desk, downloading the MOE Playground app on the App Store or Google Play, and entering the access code
  • Customers are provided with a range of games to choose from: coin collection, (treasure hunt), trivia, sister brands reveal
  • All the games are pinpointed on the live map (synchronized in real-time) and activate interactive scenarios when the customer reaches the defined location
  • Customers can use achievement points they earned by passing different challenges & games to win the major prize equal to AED 1K

We developed the MOE Playground App on top of our Black Snow open-world AR game platform. Our experts made additional modifications to the platform, using Unity technology to enable an AR experience within the mall.

The Black Snow engine allowed us to achieve an immersion effect of holographic goggles without extra hardware & pre-calibration procedures, as well as seamlessly synchronizes actual maps & augmented reality in real-time and features shopping mall application with a bunch of other top-notch AR functionality out-of-the-box:

Configurable cartography, persistent world data, real-time multiplayer, and economy

  • Immersive XR (Extended Reality) with spatial audio & haptics
  • RTS (real-time strategy) gameplay with actions visualization available on the map
  • Automated Map and AR sync by-passing all setup steps
  • Fully virtualized “under-table” mode that allows playing in any place

The first campaign had a great outcome and already attracted 500+ new visitors, therefore the Mall of the Emirates plans to continue launching such campaigns, now on a bigger scale.

The MOE Playground App team is now working on solution improvement and further extension with new functionality to enable the Client to apply it for their regular mall & brand promotion campaigns. We are now extending the shopping mall mobile app with:

  • An increased number of games within the mall to offer a new experience for the customers and increase user engagement
  • Indoor navigation to simplify checkpoint tracking for users and make the shopping mall app gameplay more dynamic
  • New types of in-game prizes & rewards to diversify UI and make award-winning more engaging


"We all saw the massive hype around Pokémon Go a couple of years ago. Since then, spending by players has increased by 40%. Big corporations like Google, Samsung, and Apple are all working on XR devices. By 2025 there will be more than 216 million users of AR- and VR-based games around the world. This gives us some big hints that demand for these apps is right around the corner. If we talk about B2B apps, these are already completely feasible and reasonable. Especially in such areas as gamification in retail and AR navigation, as we see in this particular project with the MOE. In one way or another, the mass adoption of extended and augmented reality is inevitable."
Vlad Beck
Vladimir Beck

Founder of Black Snow Games and board member

Sigma Software

"We see more and more companies are getting interested in such kinds of applications. They’re starting to see a real value from it and integrating those technologies into their organizations and business models. The solution we’re creating for the Mall of the Emirates is one such example."
Valery Krasovsky
Valery Krasovsky

CEO & co-founder

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