AT&T XAML Controls for Visual Studio

AT&T Controls

Sigma Software was contracted by AT&T as an IT solutions provider to expand availability of their telecom services for Windows users. In terms of this project, Sigma Software developed a set of telecom related XAML controls supporting Windows 8 and Visual Studio.


Sigma Software launched new XAML controls for Visual Studio making it easy to build in AT&T services into Windows 8 applications. The controls were added as Microsoft Visual Studio Extensions for the AT&T API Platform, deployed to Visual Studio Gallery, and are available for all Visual Studio users who develop applications for Windows 8 and Window Phone 8.

Open source XAML controls and SDK for Windows 8 allow developers to build-in the following functions:

  • Send SMS, MMS, and MMS Coupon;
  • Display Voting chart;
  • Transcript voice into text.

The controls were developed before the official Windows 8 release based on developers documentation. We used latest at that moment Microsoft technologies including Windows 8, Visual Studio, and Microsoft .NET 4.5 for Windows Store Application as a platform. All controls are connected to AT&T developers platform through REST services using SDK for Windows 8.


The controls were supplied under tight deadlines after 2 months and within the budget. They are publicly available in Visual Studio Gallery. Each developer can download and use these controls out of the box.

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