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We delivered custom blockchain development services and BA expertise to help V-Art envision & launch V-Art Protocol, a novel solution for IP rights monetization on any platform, website, or store
NFT Multiplatform Licensing Provider
Website describing V-Art protocol as a custom blockchain solution for IP rights licensing
  • Business needs

    V-Art wanted to innovate their platform with a brand-new approach to monetization and proper protection of the creators’ and brands’ IP rights. The Client was looking for a partner to perform R&D, design & implement a technical solution, supporting the legal framework.

  • Result

    V-Art pioneered the market with the NFT & IP rights licensing technology V-Art Protocol, powered, envisioned & documented with our team. We created a White Paper, released the 1st NEAR-compatible version in just 2.5 months, and appended it to conform to Ethereum/Polygon for wider coverage.

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Sigma Software supported us on every step – from concept to the support and extension of our product, helping us to launch V-Art Protocol, which became a groundbreaking solution for IP licensing.
Anastasiia Gliebova
CEO and Co-founder

Collaboration Overview

Key Facts

V-Art had a novel idea of IP rights licensing service for creative assets, combining legal framework with NFT tech benefits, and was looking for a partner to help with implementation. The previous collaboration with our design team left a positive impression – V-Art enjoyed our delivery approach and decided to engage us in their next project.

We helped V-Art refine their vision, validate solution feasibility & create a detailed delivery plan. The PoC matched the Client’s needs and we moved to development. Our team delivered the protocol compatible with 3 blockchain networks and helped V-Art work through its implementation use cases.

  • Conducted PoC to validate the idea, designed protocol architecture, and planned future deliverables
  • Elaborated the first version of the protocol based on the NEAR blockchain and further extended it with Ethereum and Polygon
  • Supported the project with ongoing BA expertise, market research, and competitive analysis to help the Client envision the further product growth strategy
  • Conducted protocol support and maintenance to safeguard the solution stays in-line with V-Art business needs

Our dedicated team built a custom blockchain solution that allows selling NFT licenses to multiple users and managing IP ownership rights according to the license type. Those vary depending on 5 criteria: duration, region (worldwide or particular country), exclusivity, usage purpose, and pricing.

We performed turnkey solution delivery, from architecture design and the first NEAR-based protocol release to extending it with the new blockchains (Ethereum & Polygon) and preparing it for further implementation into V-Art products. Also, our team contributed with:

  • Optimization of efforts and costs on the blockchain solution development and maintenance
  • Implementation of lazy minting approach to decrease licensing prices for sellers
  • Development of the smart contracts for controlled transfer of the digital assets between parties
  • Step-by-step documentation of all the technical aspects of V-Art protocol integration into 3rd party platforms

The IP licensing protocol was the first solution on the market to offer licensing for multiple users & legal protection of creators’ rights. So, V-Art and Sigma Software teams were the pathfinders in this area. We supported V-Art from use cases, implementation, and development strategies creation to protocol alignment with the traditional legal system & regulations.

Our BA expert assisted with additional research & ideation to define the optimal business model for the solution. We analyzed different cases from PaaS to stand-alone SDK and came up with 3 best-fit options that became a part of the further evolution of V-Art platform.

  • Collaboration with stakeholders to clarify business needs and refine product vision
  • Assessment of the concept technical feasibility and implementation readiness
  • Development of a detailed white paper describing the technical solution and business logic
  • Cooperation with V-Art design team and CTO, along with mockups creation for the V-Art platform and white label NFT marketplaces


Starting to work with Sigma Software blockchain department has been a crucial change in our product development. This event resulted in pivoting in a completely new direction – V-Art Protocol and advancement of our business model. I highly value and recommend both the team’s blockchain architecture and business analytics expertise, plus the driven, focused, and innovative approach they have taken to make your product a truly outstanding one. Management, communications, and effectiveness, through research and detailed estimation of every step, resulted in not just meeting the expectations from our side, but completely surpassing them.
Anastasiia Gliebova, CEO and Co-founder of V-Art
Anastasiia Gliebova

CEO and co-founder


V-Art project was one of the most interesting journeys in my career. Our team worked with a truly innovative solution that brought a revolution to monetization of digital assets. Collaboration with V-Art felt like working with old friends. The transparent working process, responsiveness, and the Client's appreciation of our expertise inspired us, and we achieved great results together.
Alexandra Kovalenko, Product Manager at Sigma Software
Alexandra Kovalenko

Product Manager

Sigma Software

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