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Sigma Software helped the Client to optimize project delivery and setup efficient portfolio management processes to improve forecasting, cash-flow, and risk management
Startup providing BIM-based engineering service
Project management optimization for a civil engineering company
  • Business need:

    TEBIN is a fast-growing startup that experienced a substantial increase in the number of clients and active projects. In order to cope with the growth challenge, the Client needed project management optimization and a significant change in portfolio management processes.

  • Result:

    Our best project management practices and portfolio management consulting enabled TEBIN to improve precision of project cost forecasts by 5 times, get more control over delivery processes, and manage changes in a more efficient way. This resulted in avoiding losses & improving operational efficiency by 30%.

Quote background
The changes Sigma Software suggested to our processes came so natural and turned out to be so efficient that I can hardly remember how we worked before this transformation.
Delivery Director

Collaboration Overview

Key Facts

The assignment started with an idea that advanced project delivery processes we use at Sigma Software can be equally effective when applied to engineering business. We benchmarked TEBIN project delivery and estimation processes against our in-house project management practices, defined improvement areas, created corresponding procedures, and guidelines.

It helped the Client shape core project delivery processes according to their business specifics, avoid lost profits, and maintain all projects at a healthy profitability level.

  • Improved Project Planning process (cost, schedule, and resource estimation)
  • Established project progress tracking based on Earned Value Management to safeguard precise and timely control over the project execution and deviations
  • Established Change Management process to ensure prompt and diligent project changes identification, validation & control
  • Prepared Delivery Process description and formalized Quality Assurance strategy
  • Adopted Atlassian Jira Software to track projects’ progress

TEBIN is an innovative consulting company with a mission to change the civil engineering industry in Ukraine. No wonder they were open to challenging common approaches by doing things in a new, different, and more efficient way.

Some of the changes introduced were quite unconventional for the engineering business. Even though we were confident in the value they can bring, we cautiously piloted and iterated concepts together with the Client several times till they perfectly fit their workflow and needs.

  • Process maturity level analysis & benchmarking to identify improvement areas and prioritize those
  • Going through processes and best practices we apply for similar activities to validate whether those are applicable and can bring positive change
  • Adjusting & appending existing processes with corresponding practices and creating necessary assets
  • Piloting of planned changes on a few projects to validate and refine the strategy
  • Further rollout of the new strategy to the whole projects’ portfolio

As a result of the project, TEBIN switched to a well-designed and documented framework tailored for project estimation, planning & management efficiency.

This enables the Client to plan the projects, monitor their execution, identify negative trends, take preventive actions, and have more control over the projects’ loss ratio. This has already helped TEBIN to bring every project in the portfolio to a profitable level.

  • Standardized workplan & workload structuring approach based on WBS
  • Three-point project estimation approach (PERT) that includes optimistic, pessimistic & most likely estimate
  • Methodology for evaluating both known and unexpected risks value and budget reserves management
  • Guidelines safeguarding effective firm Fixed-price project delivery
  • Dashboard showcasing performance indicators for each of the projects


“Civil engineering is a very conservative industry and sometimes relies on outdated practices. We decided to learn new methods of doing work from our partners at Sigma Software as we found many similarities between our industries. I was fascinated to learn new approaches and see how they work in real life. Together we initiated a very ambitious transformation of our company and, in quite a short time, already achieved great results.”
Alexandr Nikitin



“I was thrilled how dedicated TEBIN’s senior management was to improving their management system. We started with initial processes maturity assessment, which helped us to understand what could be improved first to get the benefits as soon as possible. We are working iteratively, identifying what can be changed, adopting a change, reviewing results, getting feedback, and moving on to the next area.”
Evgeniy Bachinskiy, Management Consultant at Sigma Software

Management Consultant

Sigma Software

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