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Development and support of a cross-platform mobile app enabling Client’s employees in 24 locations worldwide share news and useful materials and run joint social activities
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  • Business needs

    Safeguard that all Sigma Technology co-workers in numerous locations and business areas have common understanding of company’s goals, activities & achievements and can efficiently collaborate anytime from anywhere

  • Result

    We created a solution uniting 1K+ Sigma Technology community in a virtual collaboration space with rich social networking, blogging & wiki features. It helps Client’s employees in 6 countries stay tuned on the recent updates, share information and collaborate efficiently

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The initial reception was great, users really liked to get this. People like the design, the features and how the app works.
Andreas Lamken
Sigma Technology

Collaboration overview

Key Facts

Sigma Technology is a global company with 24  offices worldwide providing services in diverse business areas. It relies on an intranet portal to keep employees from different locations updated & engaged into company’s life. In 2014 Sigma Software helped the Client redesign existing portal.

In 2019 it was decided to add a mobile app to further improve communication & info exchange within the community. Thus, the overall solution is as follows: 

  • Web Portal allows employees to get updated on recent news, easily find and interact with co-workers as well as network through wikies, blogs, forums & groups functionality powered by MS SharePoint. 
  • Cross-platform Mobile App acts as a convenient gateway to all the portal functionality and enables users easily check, share and comment news & updates from colleagues as well as posts from the portal. 

We developed SKIES app using a cross-platform technology – React Native that helped us keep the solution development and maintenance efforts low. We also paid much attention to the UI – it had to be attractive, modern, and user-friendly. 

The app also includes a social feed integrated with Sigma Technology Instagram account. This feature proved very useful as it made all the posts immediately available for all employees.

  • Real-time push notifications through the integration with OneSignal
  • Configuration of the news filter and push notifications by user’s Company, Department, Country & City
  • Interaction with News and Activities posts: details, like, dislike, subscribe, etc. as well as view, post, delete comments
  • Newsfeed with latest 20 posts from Instagram 
  • Ability to view co-workers’ details and search co-workers by first and last name, phone number, and department

We have been delivering joint projects with Sigma Technology for over 15 years and have already established efficient collaboration process. This project turned Sigma Technology into an end-customer but didn’t change much in how smooth the collaboration went.  

The SKIES Portal team has been working on the product for over a decade primarily providing support & maintenance services. The Mobile Team worked in parallel and was fully focused on the mobile app development. 

  • Backlog is created and prioritized by Sigma Software Project Manager based on high-level requirements from the client
  • We use Jira for tasks tracking, Confluence for keeping all the project-related documentation, and EVA for budget and schedule tracking.
  • We’ve set up 2-week iterations with demos (recorded when the customer isn’t available) and retrospective meetings at the end of each iteration.
  • Regular weekly and monthly project status reports prepared to highlight current progress, achievements, plans, risks, etc.


"One of our top priorities at Sigma Technology is to provide superior employment value to our colleagues. With the mobile app for our intranet solution, our team can easily access and follow the company's latest information from their mobile devices. The first release of the app is just a start. We plan to create an even better experience for our people in coming releases and count on Sigma Software to help us make this happen."
Andreas Lamken
Andreas Lamken


Sigma Technology

"I’ve always been impressed by the fact that Sigma Technology pays this much attention to facilitating communication among employees. I think that communication is definitely one of the core success factors helping the company grow and be successful in business. ​I am glad that we were a part of this success and helped Sigma Technology to embody their strategy – create tools that enabled Sigma Technology community to effectively interact and stay tuned to the recent developments within the company."
Darya Gruntovkaya
Darya Gruntovskaya

Account Manager

Sigma Software

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