Debt Management Solution for FUIB

Qualco Debt Management & Collection System Implementation

First Ukrainian International Bank (FUIB) took a strategic decision to optimize collections and chose Qualco Collections system for this purpose. Sigma Software performed implementation works together with its Greek partner Qualco, the creator and integrator of this system.


Sigma Software and Qualco customized Qualco Collections debt management system and integrated it with other systems of the First Ukrainian International Bank. Qualko system was adjusted to the specifics of the local market. An additional unique analytical module generating sophisticated reports on strategies and collectors was added to the system. After implementation, Sigma Software provides ongoing support and maintenance of the solution.

Sigma Software and Qualco have jointly performed system implementation:

  • Automation of all stages of debt collection: soft, hard, and legal;
  • Adding a unique analytical module that allows generating reports on strategies and collectors’ efficiency, debtor most typical behavior, etc.;
  • Communication with external data providers via simultaneous channels.


Qualco Collections system has successfully been implemented in time and within the budget and is effectively used by FUIB ever since. Moreover, the system had been used as a fundamental collections platform when FUIB merged with another banking institution later.