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Development of a location-based mobile advertising platform going from idea to a high-performance enterprise-level solution powering 5 million impressions per day.
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Zapp360 mobile ad platform
  • Business need

    Zapp360’s team wanted to introduce a new way of advertising, giving marketers a simple but powerful tool to deliver ads via ad messages, targeted to the right person, in the right place, at the right time.

  • Result

    The product we developed for Zapp360 went from an idea to the live platform generating revenue in just 6 months. Three years after launch, media giant A4 Media acquired the product. Sigma Software remains a core technology partner developing and supporting the product.

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Founder & CEO

Collaboration Overview

Key Facts

Zapp360 was looking for a reliable partner having no development team in-house and turned to Sigma Software by a recommendation from one of our clients. We delivered the first version of the AdMessenger platform in just 6 months and continued developing it into an enterprise-level solution.

In 2018 Zapp360 was acquired by a4 Media, a subsidiary of media giant Altice USA. Sigma Software remains AdMessenger’s core technology partner and continues strengthening the product. Last year AdMessenger platform won a Faxie award for Audience Engagement & Best Mobile Experience.

  • Developed AdMessenger MVP including a performance tracking portal, mobile & Web SDKs, and apps
  • Further extended the MVP into a white-labelled self-serve platform for marketing agencies and publisher groups
  • Improved processes & infrastructure: test automation for faster roll-outs of new features; codebase hosting & hardware infrastructure migration from Rackspace, to Heroku, to AWS to optimize cost & scalability
  • To date, the platform serves over 5 million impressions daily and has powered over 5 billion local ads since its launch in 2013

AdMessenger is a SaaS mobile advertising product for local digital marketers to automate ad campaigns management, monitoring, and reporting end-to-end. It provides unique ad formats suitable for diverse mobile devices & platforms and ensures fast campaign turnaround & delivery.

We made the product flexible to ensure that it can easily scale and adapt to the rapidly changing business environment. However, this complex solution remains intuitive and easy to use even for the non-digital-savvy clients.

  • Unique intuitive creative builder with a set of predefined elements to design & launch a mobile ad in just 3 minutes
  • Demo tool to showcase available ad unit formats during the sales process with rapid conversion from demo to a live campaign, avoiding repeated data entry
  • Pre-approved creative submission (users don’t need to wait for creative to pass moderation) for instant ad launch
  • User-friendly Geo-targeting module with tools for targeted and hyper-local mobile advertising
  • Automated, rules-based processes for blocklisting and performance optimization
  • Rich, campaign-level reporting available both in online and customer-branded downloadable formats

Along with product engineering, we helped the Zapp360 team optimize and automate internal AdOps processes making online ad trafficking & monitoring simpler and faster, improving performance and efficiency. As a result, the team was able to manage a workload of >500 active campaigns per AdOps head.

To ease troubleshooting, we established an efficient single support line for customer’s cross-location teams to ensure timely reaction to end-clients’ requests.

  • Performed integrations with distribution channels and tracking systems, thus reducing manual work for both AdOps & Sales teams
  • Optimized campaign trafficking process by development an algorithm for non-human campaign management and introduced notifications module with layered alert messages via email and sms
  • Established a company-level reaction dashboard to stay on top of campaigns performance with real-time metrics
  • Turnaround time for new campaigns became 300% quicker than before, allowing the business to scale significantly


“We engaged Sigma Software to work on the project in early 2013... Today this is a multimillion dollars business. Sigma Software has been a key element of this success helping us to achieve such rapid growth. We consider them as a strong partner for us.”
Jerome FitzGibbons
Jerome FitzGibbons

Founder & CEO


“Collaboration with Zapp360 team has always been a synergy of great ideas, clear goals, lean engineering, flexibility, and amazing professionalism shown by every single person contributing to the product success. We have felt ourselves in a real partnership, sharing both the successes and helping in the challenges along the way, as we have shaped the product all these years and we are proud.. ”
Olga Paramonova
Olga Paramonova

AdTech Solutions Department Manager

Sigma Software

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