Development and Maintenance of an Advertising Platform for Zapp360

Development and Maintenance of an Advertising Platform for Zapp360
Zapp360, Inc., a technology company operating in the US, UK and several international markets, engaged Sigma Software team to assist in implementing their idea. The company was working on creating a PaaS solution to automate the management, monitoring and reporting of mobile advertising campaigns for local advertising agencies.



The AdMessenger platform envisioned by Zapp360 had to face the challenges of the advertising market. It had to ensure maximum possible speed of campaign turnaround and delivery, to keep up with a quickly changing business environment, while remaining simple to execute for non-digital-savvy clients. In addition, the platform had to provide unique and simple ad formats, as well as receive a high response rate from audiences.

Sigma Software possessed the necessary resources and expertise to cope with these tasks and implement the idea. So, we started with establishing a product team in Ukraine to cover the full range of services (software development, mobile SDKs and apps development, infrastructure management and optimization, maintenance and support). After consulting with the customer, the product team created an intuitive UI and began development of an MVP including an ad management portal, mobile SDKs (iOS, Web), and a mobile app. It took just 6 months to build the first version of the platform. The MVP approach really helped us minimize time to market and quickly plug into early feedback.

Going further in the development of the platform, we:

  • Performed transformation of the product from the managed-services model to a white label self-serve platform.
  • Expanded platform accounts set-up to allow different customer types to use the AdMessenger platform.
  • Built a simple and fully customizable Demo Tool to help clients create and share demo campaigns quickly and efficiently. All demos are saved within the customer’s account and can be quickly transformed into a live campaign.
  • Developed an expandable/rich media ad banner type.
  • Integrated the AdMessenger platform with multiple 3rd parties such as tracking systems and bidding agents to minimize manual labor for Zapp360 adops and sales teams;
  • Keep on optimizing the campaign trafficking process - introduced user-friendly Geo targeting module, simplified Order Entry process, replaced manual blacklisting and performance optimization with automated, rules-based processes.

In the second round of the project’s development, we, as Zapp360’s technology partner, not only make sure the product is growing in line with the company strategy but also stay on top of the platform’s stability and efficiency.



The product was launched live from the MVP state in 6 months. Transition from a completely managed-service basis to having the first self-serve clients took 4 months for the European region and about 1 year for the US. API integrations increased business capacity with significant manual work reduction and process optimization. Turnaround time for new campaigns became 300% quicker than before allowing the business to scale significantly. The customer observed a great boost in sales volumes and product efficiency.


Zapp360 is a technology company developing proprietary PaaS solutions for local advertisers.


PaaS solution for local advertising agencies for ad campaigns management, tracking and reporting

Full cycle development, infrastructure management and optimization, maintenance and support
Team and Duration: 
2 development rounds, 1st from spring 2013 to summer 2014, 2nd – ongoing since August 2015 with a team of 12 FTE