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Mobile application development team delivering a cross-platform application for government officials to work with restricted documents in a secure way (handling of summons, documents, meeting protocols, and agendas)
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Meetings Plus app interface
  • Business Need:

    Strengthen Formpipe product offering with a mobile application that would enable users to work with restricted documents on the go making the process easier and coping with information security vulnerabilities related to documents being printed out.

  • Result:

    Sigma Software cross-platform mobile developers delivered the application and now continue extending its functionality and performing support & maintenance of the product. The app has found its market fit strengthening Formpipe ECM products ecosystem and contributing to Formpipe success.

Background for case study quote
“I’m impressed and thankful for your engagement and your way of controlling the project.”
Product Owner of Meetings Plus
Formpipe AB

Collaboration Overview

Solution Delivered

Meetings Plus is a cross-platform mobile app (iOS & Android), has an intuitive user-friendly interface, and is compliant with WCAG and GDPR standards.

The app enables government officials to get information about upcoming and previous meetings held by various committees, check meetings’ agendas, go through the cases to be considered, and work with the documents attached to get ready for the upcoming meetings.

  • Sophisticated user management functionality and two-factor authentication (Device ID + Login and Password)
  • In-app tools to work with documents (full-text search, comments & highlights, sharing with other authorized users, etc.)
  • Rich notifications system both in-app and via e-mail
  • Support of big volumes of data and documents
  • Mobile Device Management systems support (InTunes, Airwatch, and Mobile Iron) for content streaming to employees’ devices

Restricted documents management in modern systems has one vulnerability – the system can no longer control who gets access to the document once it is printed out. Meetings Plus makes working with meeting-related documents inside Formpipe ECM systems as convenient as with printed versions, but in a far more secure way.

Working in package with any of Formpipe enterprise content management solutions (e.g. Platina or W3D3), the product simplifies all the activities related to arranging a meeting, preparing related documents, keeping meeting minutes, finalizing and distributing meeting protocols.

  • Meeting’s secretary initiates the meeting through a Formpipe core ECM system, selects the day/time/place, drafts meeting’s agenda, and selects the committee or particular officials to be present at the meeting
  • Participants receive invitations through Meetings app and via e-mail, can access the cases and attached documents to review the materials (highlight, comment them, or even share with other authorized experts)
  • During the meeting, the secretary creates meeting’s protocol through Platina system listing the decisions taken
  • Any citizen can use the app to check public information from the meeting protocol


The customer took a decision to introduce Meetings Plus to the portfolio in 2015. As we had been already running a Formpipe–dedicated development center for 7 years, the choice of development partner was obvious.

We set up a mobile application development team that delivered the first version of the product in only 4 months and then continued evolutionary development of the app. As of today, the team delivers 1-2 major releases per year with additional service packs and hotfixes issued between those major releases.

  • The team follows an iterative and incremental development approach
  • Product features are defined by Formpipe Product Owner in user stories format; the team further clarifies the requirements through grooming meetings, tech vision, and design assets discussions
  • We use Azure DevOps to manage product backlog and track development pipeline
  • Regular meetings include team internal daily meetings, weekly status meetings with the customer, demos, iteration planning sessions, and retrospectives
  • Reporting includes regular weekly status reports and extended monthly status reports (highlighting project budget, achievements, current status, plans, etc.)


“I’m impressed with how you handled the entire process. You found the best vendor for the new PDF-reader, found out and learnt how to integrate with it, and implemented the necessary functionality. And everything faster than first estimated! The response from the customers has been positive!”
Marte Sandvik

Product Owner of Meetings Plus

Formpipe AB

“When we claim we are reliable tech partner for our customers, we mean supporting them in finding the right balance between market needs and customer business interests, conducting technical product management and being there to navigate market uncertainties and fight unexpected issues together.
Back in 2017, the vendor of the 3rd party library the app uses for documents display, highlights, and comments left the market and stopped supporting the product literally overnight. The team acted really fast making a swift yet thorough research of possible alternatives, prepared recommendations on the best-fit alternative and performed a quickfire migration without compromising Meetings Plus quality and user experience. This was a great example of what we mean by being a reliable technology partner.”
Maryna Vinnikova

Project Manager

Sigma Software

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