Formpipe Meetings Application

Formpipe Meetings Application
A special app dedicated for reviewing documents, their secure handling, commenting on the materials, and taking notes during the conversations. The app is further integrated with Formpipe ECM systems, local copies of the documents are downloaded, uploaded, and maintained automatically, in simple yet secure way.



Sigma Software developed an Ipad application that displays a list of user’s meetings downloaded from the ECM system. Each meeting includes its agenda and a number of related documents. The application provides options for reviewing meeting related documents in the most of used formats: DOCX, XLSX and PDF, and allows making marks and notes to their content.

The application is features with:

  • Secure authentication. Authentication is performed over secure channel.
  • Support of confidential documents. The system will also involves documents marked as “confidential”, where a user has to enter their credentials once more right before viewing the document.
  • Synchronization with iOS calendar. The application can be synchronized with the native iOS calendar thus allowing a user to set up reminders and alerts.
  • User friendly navigation. The navigation approach within the application is based on the tree-menu concept and inherits native iOS behavior.



The document management app is developed from scratch and integrated with backend ECM system in 4 months. The app is now available on AppStore.



Formpipe Software AB is a software company in the field of Enterprise Content Management (ECM). Company products are used by major companies, authorities and organizations

App dedicated to meeting-related information handling as add-on to existing ECM
Full cycle development from scratch to a released product
Team and Duration: 
5 FTE working for 4 months