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We created an integrated school administration system that seamlessly blends third-party solutions with custom components developed from scratch
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Dashboard of Fridascolorna school management system on the laptop screen
  • Business Needs

    Enable Frida schools to administer all their daily routines in an easy way through a comprehensive yet intuitive web-based management system that could further be used by any other educational institution outside Frida group.

  • Result

    The solution our team delivered is already used by 5 Fridaskolorna schools (10K+ active user profiles) to manage staff administration, resource planning & students management processes. We continue extending the system with new functionality and features.

Sigma software helped us to create the management system we were looking for but couldn’t find.
CEO and co-owner
Frida Education

Collaboration Overview

Key Facts

Fridaskolorna was looking for a smart school management system. However, the market could offer either school management ERP systems packed with excess features or small components automating just a few processes. Thus, the Client decided to encapsulate those smaller components into a comprehensive system addressing all their needs in full.

Apart from the web services integration and UI development, we identified several areas that the external components could not cover and developed custom modules to fill those gaps.

  • Requirements & external components investigation, solution architecture design
  • UI concept and screens development
  • Third-party services integration (Visma, Vklass, Gsuite by Google Cloud, and Skolon)
  • Custom modules development
  • Security Testing on OWASP TOP 10 most critical tasks
  • Ongoing support & maintenance of the school management app adding new functionality on the regular basis

One of the essential tasks of this project was to safeguard data consistency and security through the migration process as the old database had multiple interrelations and a lot of personal info. We created a new well-structured database, migrated all the data, and ran data cleaning to ensure data integrity.

Our sound strategy, well-defined migration plan, and great teamwork from both our engineers and the Client allowed to perform fast and accurate data migration.

  • Elaborated and documented data structuring approach (together with the Product Owner)
  • Migrated 10 000+ users to the new database preserving all the rules and interrelations between the entities
  • Created corresponding SQL scripts and cleansed all the data (excluded duplicates & inconsistencies, added missing points, etc.) in only 2 weeks
  • Data cleansing went in close collaboration with Fridaskolorna representatives to safeguard data integrity and consistency

We developed an intuitive Web Interface enabling users access all the system functionality through a single gateway. Our major focus in the UI development was to make it simple and clear so that school personnel could reach all the necessary functions in as little clicks as possible.

Since there were demands that couldn’t be covered by integrations, it was decided to develop a set of additional modules from scratch, including:

  • User Administration module allows to manage user profiles and their access rights as well as group students into classes and link head teachers
  • Budget module collects financial data from the external systems and returns into a dashboard outlining planned vs spent budget for each school per year
  • Dashboard module performs regular system checkups and displays emerging issues concerning e.g. duplicate invoice or pupil


We are proud of our solution and we feel that we can recommend it to other schools. Also, we appreciated how self-driven and independent Sigma was, a great foundation for our cooperation.

CEO and Co-owner

Frida Education

Instead of reinventing the wheel and creating a custom system from scratch, Fridaskolorna decided to rely on the existing systems, integrate those, and add a user-friendly UI for a seamless user experience. This was a wise decision that allowed to keep the budget reasonable and still get the solution covering client’s business needs in full.
Andrit Zavorotny

Account Manager

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