Fuel Monitoring Application

Fuel Monitoring Application
A solution to help car owners monitor fuel consumption, compare prices and quality of fuel at various gas stations, and determine the vehicle speed, which is optimal in terms of fuel consumption.



Fuel Monitoring application was designed to run under FreeBSD and Android. To collect data from the vehicle, OBD-II adapters were used.

The application collects information via CAN bus and compares the fuel consumption considering various conditions, such as outside air temperature, the number of passengers in the car, speed, whether the car is driven in the city or on the highway, etc. The system also allows reviewing the history of refills, calculating the amount spent on fuel over a certain period: few days, a week, a month, or a year.

Key features of the application:

  • Detect current level of petrol in a tank when application first turns on;
  • Detect fuel-ups automatically;
  • Option to edit fuel-up;
  • Track history of fuel-ups;
  • Show your current trip details;
  • Detect stops and ask for confirmation “start new trip” or “continue trip”;
  • Show aggregate statistics;
  • Show statistics charts: “Fuel efficiency”, “Cost of speed”.


The driver can check Statistics section to see their fuel efficiency (on track, mixed, in town) and cost of speed (advice to a driver what speed to choose for effective driving). For certain countries and international trips, the application tracks prices and recommends fuel company/fuel type based on the fuel quality.


The application has passed testing and can be now be launched on an external phone/tablet device.


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In-house solution developed on the basis of the company R&D center


An infotainment solution to monitor fuel consumption depending on driving style, outside temperature, and vehicle operation mode; compare prices and quality of fuel at various gas stations.

Full-cycle development from a concept to the final solution
Team and Duration: 
Project duration is 3 months with an average of 3 FTE