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Hi-load near real-time analytics platform development

Sigma Software delivered data platform engineering and development services building an analytics platform that processes 2.5 million events per second and is used by over 30K companies globally


One of the world’s biggest advertising media conglomerates

Business Needs

In 2014 Aol. acquired a video ad platform Sigma Software had been working on. The new owner needed help with adjusting the solution to the Aol. ecosystem and ensuring that the platform can process highly increased data volumes.


Our Big Data engineers elaborated an efficient high-load data system with AWS Cloud-based infrastructure, microservice architecture, and custom reporting tool. The product is used worldwide providing a 24/7 accurate & scalable ad serving environment and processing 26TB of data daily.

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Mastering such massive data volumes is an art rather than just an engineering task. the project was a great challenge and a fantastic experience for our data engineers & development team.
Veronica Korzh

Program Manager on Aol. Account
Sigma Software

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