Interior Visualization App based on Microsoft Hololens

Visualization App Hololens

The solution is aimed at helping designers, architects, event organizers perform interior visualizations, inner items arrangements and create an overall look-and-feel of the future premises.


Interio is a solution for interior designers, which allows seeing your project as holograms in the space of the premises with the help of AR technology implemented in Microsoft HoloLens.

The solution aims to cover the whole planning and construction process, supporting its three stages:

  • Measure the existing premises,
  • Create a design and test it with the customer,
  • Provide architectural/design supervision during construction works.

The customer receives a real look-and-feel of the premises. The solution enables users to make any adjustments to the interior planning or architectural design easy and cost-effective using augmented reality technology. Communication with the application is executed with the help of voice and gesture commands.


The solution was developed and tested on real premises. It proved applicable for any interior modeling, including private premises, office buildings, industrial spaces, etc.