Long Term Document Archiving System Development

Sigma Software engineers developed Formpipe LTA and continue ongoing product support & maintenance for over 10 years now. As of today, the product is covering 90% of all Swedish long term archiving market
Scandinavian ECM Systems vendor
Long term document archiving software development and maintenance
  • Business needs

    Complement existing ECM portfolio with enterprise archive solutions to cover all document management processes with Formpipe own products end-to-end. The archiving system should ensure safe, compliant and cost-effective long-term (50+ years) digital preservation

  • Result

    Sigma Software team developed the product which has become a market leader in long term data archiving. By date, it is a #1 enterprise information archiving system in Sweden widely used in government institutions and gradually attracting new customers from private sector as well

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Such a big success was only possible because you are doing a great job. I am very happy with the work you do!
Elias Caselungh
Product Manager of LTA
Formpipe AB

Collaboration overview

Solution delivered

LTA is a digital data preservation platform developed according the OSAIS methodology and ISO 14721 & 15489 ensuring your documents are available in their original context and in human-readable format even in 50 years’ time.

We helped Formpipe AB to create an electronic archiving system able to process big amounts of data from different systems and effectively store it in one place. In order to make the solution future-proof, we designed the product in full compliance with multiple regulations on data preservation, integrity, traceability, accessibility, security, etc.

  • Embedded digital converter to import, validate, and convert data and electronic documents into the unified format
  • Robust storage with documents and metadata preserved both in unified and original format safeguarding that data can be retraced to its original context
  • 27 file types & formats supported (.doc, .pdf, .xls, .png, .html, etc.) Bullet points – 900 symbols
  • The data can be adapted to a custom structure or established standards like MoReq2 or Dublin Core
  • Tools imposing retrieval and controlled retention & deletion strategies.

Formpipe was not a new customer to Sigma Software. By the time they decided to invest in the long-term data storage solution development, we already had 2 years of cooperation history, a well-established collaboration model and delivery process tried and proven on Platina development project.

Once Formpipe entrusted us with the new document storage system development, we established a dedicated team that delivered the product within 8 months. After the first release, the team continued further product expansion and still delivers product support & maintenance services.

  • The team follows Kanban development approach with 1-2 major releases per year
  • Product features are defined and prioritized by LTA Product Owner while the team is responsible for timely status updates to safeguard effective backlog prioritization
  • Regular product demos of ready-to-release functionality and status team meetings with the Product Owner enable us safeguard we are moving in the right direction
  • Project reporting includes weekly and monthly reports highlighting project status, resolved\ongoing\planned tasks, risks, efforts spent, etc.

When you work with document archiving software development, regulatory compliance becomes a part of your daily routines. We ensure compliance with multiple standards and perform regular information security audits to meet GDPR requirements through the whole process of document storage system maintenance.

In addition to all long term data archiving development standards, much attention is paid to accessibility compliance (WCAG 2.0 standard) to make sure the archival system fully meets level A requirements and even AA level requirements in most critical parts of the system.

  • The solution meets the OASIS methodology and ISO standards (14721 & 15489) to ensure the documents are human-readable in 50 years’ time
  • Accessibility Mode available for the most visited areas of the web app (e.g. main menus, user profiles, login\logout, search, dashboards, etc.)
  • Configurable retrieval, controlled retention & deletion strategies, secure access and logging tailored to GDPR requirements
  • System security verified on regular basis by Sigma Software Infosec team according to OWASP TOP 10.


I want to give a special thanks to Sigma Software that swiftly set out to expand the team with additional members, and helped Formpipe immensely in meeting our goals within a very narrow deadline. Let’s take a moment and remember that we have the best e-archiving solution on the Swedish market! Thank you for hard work!

Product Owner of LTA

Formpipe AB

Our cooperation with Formpipe lasts for many years. During this time, we have created many sophisticated products together. Our niche expertise and deep background in the area of document management allow us to provide our customers with products of superior quality.
Valery Krasovsky


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