Medical Device Monitoring Platform Migration to Cloud

Sigma Software joined a complex project that unites several vendors and BigTech providers to support Siemens Healthineers in migrating their computer tomography (CT) monitoring platform to Azure Сloud
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Migrating computer tomography monitoring platform to cloud
  • Business Need

    Over the decades, hundreds of thousands of Siemens CT scanners were installed worldwide. Those scanners are connected to the monitoring platform that tracks device conditions and collects data for analytics purposes. The Client wanted to increase the platform scalability and speed up data processing.

  • Result

    Sigma Software became a part of the platform migration project and has supported Siemens Healthineers with Usage Analytics component transfer to Azure Cloud, including near real-time analytics set-up. We also assisted the Client in architecture design, agile practices adoption, reporting, and more.

Quote background
We can tell that we work with true professionals who have the right balance of engineering and business mindset.
Alexey Toryanik
Head of Business Data Analytics
Siemens Healthineers

Collaboration Overview

ETL Process Migration

Siemens Healthineers launched a multi-year project aimed at migrating all their CT scanners monitoring solutions into Azure Cloud. Hence, they were looking for ECIF-compliant Microsoft partners who could support them through the project.

Sigma Software team joined the project in April 2023 and embarked on migrating a platform component responsible for data collection and CT scanner usage analysis, including typical user flows, underutilized features, typical errors, etc. Our specialists have assisted in diverse areas within the project and helped to:

  • Envision the new Cloud Architecture Design in joint collaboration with experts from Siemens Healthineers, Microsoft, Databricks, and other service providers involved in the project
  • Migrate analytics business logic and ETL pipelines that transform raw data into data products tailored for Qlik and Power BI applications
  • Develop a unified template for ETL pipelines using Azure Databricks and Spark
  • Configure data visualization via interactive BI dashboards

Today, our collaboration with Siemens Healthineers goes beyond the Usage Analytics component migration. We assist the Client in establishing and promoting an agile culture. Our Scrum Master works together with the in-house experts and contributes to implementing agile practices across multiple teams.

Sigma Software engineers also support other teams in developing different functionalities within the scope of the migration project and are involved in:

  • Development, performance enhancement, and integration of Pattern Detection Engine that allows Siemens Healthineers to reduce time-to-detect for issues and ensure effective resource management
  • Equipment reliability monitoring configuration, including the development of Qlik Dashboards to reduce defects across product lines and ensure optimal maintenance costs
  • Featuring a self-service BI platform with data pre-aggregation, Microsoft ODBC, and diverse data services (e.g. event messaging) to ensure higher performance, faster reporting, and seamless integration with existing systems

Siemens Healthineers uses the open Data Lakehouse platform by Databricks as an additional layer on top of Azure Cloud. It offers rich functionality and streamlines the processing of diverse data types. Yet, it puts some limitations on the new Azure-based platform.

Our experts made a set of adjustments to make sure the solution both uses all the advantages of Databricks solution and copes with existing constraints. The changes included:

  • Improvement of the existing duplicate removal functionality to utilize parallel computation and increase processing speed
  • Applying the Structured Streaming method to ensure data integrity and minimize data processing costs across all the data, not only the added ones (by default the method can be used on the added data only, but we found a way how to apply it using replaced and updated data)


Sigma Software has strong Data Engineering competence, and they provided us with an expert team in a very short time thanks to their global presence and wide talent network. We can tell that we work with true professionals who have the right balance of engineering and business mindset. They stick to their commitments and deliver effective solutions, contributing to the success of Siemens Healthineers’ business goals and projects planned together with Microsoft. Open communication and a work culture that aligns with our values are among the reasons why we like working with Sigma Software. We feel that they truly care.
Alexey Toryanik, Head of Business Data Analytics at Siemens Healthineers
Alexey Toryanik

Head of Business Data Analytics

Siemens Healthineers

It is an honor for our team to be a part of such large-scale transformation project with many parties involved. It gives us plenty of opportunities to apply Sigma Software’s vast expertise in Data Engineering, real-time analytics and cloud solutions to deliver premium-value service.
Oleksandr Balyuk, Account Manager at Sigma Software
Oleksandr Balyuk

Account Manager

Sigma Software

Cloud Engineers Migrating a Medical Device Monitoring Platform to Cloud
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