Microsoft CRM Customization

Microsoft CRM Customization
Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 advanced customization project to automate customer’s orders creation process and add some automation steps in the existing sales process. The project had demanding requirements to flexibility and business logic complexity.



All customization tasks were performed within the schedule. Due to customization, the product generates agreements in line with a corporate template, but with a possibility to change or modify the template contents, formatting, etc. Additionally, each project in the product can be associated with a specific payment model.

The project customization included the following:

  • Account entity form extension with the ability to identify and visualize account location on the map (standard MS CRM objects extension, GUI advancement with tabs and controls, Google Maps API integration, pluggable system components development).
  • Order entity extension to handle offshore business specific information.
  • Work Orders introduced to the system with connection to standard contracts, orders and other CRM entities. This added an ability to generate an addendum to frame contract that covers particular project scope in a few clicks.



The customizations were successfully implemented and are used by the Customer to increase Sales Department effectiveness.


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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 advanced customization project
Delivery of a back-end platform and an end-user application: software architecture, design, development, and testing
Team and Duration: 
3.5 FTE working for 2 months