Online Social Gaming Platform

Online Social Learning Game

Sigma Software in cooperation with Client’s media technology partner JlOOP introduced enhancements to RingoRang, an online social learning game. The enhancements embraced developing a range of new features for the platform.


software development team customized the customer gaming platform and developed custom features to launch an online game.

The changes made include:

  • Integration of Java-written game server with a bunch of sites in PHP;
  • Enhancement of AIR client logic;
  • Load testing of the game server;
  • Considerable logic changes.

The project is technology-rich – the resulting product used Java, Adobe AIR, and PHP. All changes were completed in a very short timeframe, so the work was really intensive. The team demonstrated great interaction skills and ability to work together efficiently.


Sigma Software offsite project team in cooperation with JlOOP successfully performed consulting, documentation development, software development, and testing. The game was delivered according to the project schedule. The customer was highly satisfied with Sigma Software development teamwork.