Platina Functionality Extension for FormPipe

Platina Functionality Extension for FormPipe
Platina is a process-controlled ECM product based on Microsoft .Net technology. The system is used within many business areas to improve the efficiency and ensure quality assurance of information management. Sigma Software, being a proved Formpipe partner, was recruited to develop a new version of Platina and extend its functionality.



Sigma Software took part in requirements clarification and implemented significant functionality extension according to the requirements.

Improvements realized by Ukrainian team include:

  • Developing new objects and controls;
  • Modifying existing cards;
  • Implementing custom jobs;
  • Implementing additional reports using SQL Reporting Server and Platina list reports.



Sigma Software developers have implemented all specified requirements and the project was successfully delivered to the customer.



Formpipe Software AB is a software company in the field of Enterprise Content Management (ECM). Company products are used by major companies, authorities and organizations

Extension of functionality of an Enterprise Content Management system
Full-cycle development from requirements clarification to extension implementation
Team and Duration: 
4 FTE working for 3 months