Last-Mile Delivery Platform Redesign and Maintenance

Transport management system extended into a mature platform that connects retailers, drivers & fleet owners and has already enabled timely, cost-efficient last-mile delivery for over 2 million orders
Innovative logistics startup by Fiege Group
Results of the last-mile delivery software development
  • Business need:

    ANGEL bringt’s was looking for a service provider who would safeguard sustainable operations of their tech platform, expand, and customize it according to the requirements of ANGEL’s client.

  • Result:

    To date, we have integrated the ANGEL platform with 80+ retailers, redesigned the web app, and replaced an outdated delivery driver mobile app. CGI auditor running tech due diligence on the project emphasized our project and architecture efficiency.

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Sigma Software has significantly contributed to the success of our company growth through outstanding collaboration and a professional approach. Thanks a lot to the whole team.
Axel Niessner
ANGEL Last Mile GmbH

Collaboration Overview

Key Facts

ANGEL already had last-mile logistics software and wanted us to take over its support and maintenance. Apart from that, we streamlined business logic and made significant product improvements, including UI/UX redesign, a new mobile app launch, etc.

We focused on process optimization and used Camunda BMS to ensure that 7 core business processes across the organization were fully automated. We configured Camunda Process Orchestration that allowed handling 150K+ process instances per month, safeguarded real-time visibility into business processes, and provided 20% less time on teams’ collaboration process.

  • Web application for ANGEL operators to process delivery orders, assign drivers and plan tours
  • Mobile application for drivers to check orders and updates, change shipment status, and scan package barcode
  • Parcel tracking web page for end-users to track shipment time and status or request a delivery time change

When we took over the delivery driver app maintenance, there was no initial intention to rewrite it. But the number of the company’s clients was rapidly growing, so the app’s stability and usability eventually were questioned.

A big retailer was about to start using the platform, so it became apparent that we’d need a more stable app in place before that. The timeframe was tight, but the team took steps to mitigate risks, delivered the app in only 1,5 months, and safeguarded a smooth transition.

  • Analyzed possible options for app stabilization: adapt, rewrite partly, or replace it with one developed from scratch
  • Decided to develop a new app relying on Flutter to keep the app cross-platform and flexible
  • Designed new UI\UX to make the app attractive and user-friendly (heartily welcomed by the drivers)
  • The new app has far better performance and is more stable (app crash rate reduced by 30 times), processing 80K shipments per month
  • Optimized app download weight reducing it by 3,5 times

ANGEL’s investor, Fiege Group, decided to run technical due diligence on the start-ups they finance. They contracted CGI (one of the world’s largest IT and business consulting firms) to run the audit. Hence Sigma Software is ANGEL’s core development partner, we represented our Client through the process.

The audit lasted one week, during which the CGI experts investigated the project codebase and records in tracking systems well as interviewed Technical Lead and Testing Engineer. We successfully passed the due diligence and impressed Fiege Group with the results.

  • The project was accessed across 6 main aspects: technology, process & automation, cybersecurity & data privacy, team & organization, roadmap, and proposition & market
  • CGI highlighted the following areas as our strongest suits: enterprise-state tools and approaches, efficient remote work organization, sound choice of technologies and architecture approaches (including microservice architecture implementation)


Partnering with Sigma Software made our journey with the Last Mile Delivery Platform and Mobile App a collaborative, hands-on experience. Their team's professionalism and unity in solving challenges made every step a pleasure. Together, we not only met, but exceeded expectations and significantly improved the usability and performance of our platform. This synergy between ANGEL and Sigma Software has set a new standard for what we can accomplish together.
Thomas Mester, Head of IT at ANGEL Last Mile GmbH
Thomas Mester

Head of IT

ANGEL Last Mile GmbH

Started as a small support and maintenance assignment, our collaboration rapidly grew into a fully-fledged product development. We extended the platform, redesigning it for better UX, resilience, and maintainability. We optimized delivery processes and refined the platform’s architecture. Now our partnership goes far beyond support and maintenance services. Thanks to the ANGEL team being open to our suggestions and ideas, we made the platform more efficient and user-friendly.
Liliia Melnyk, Account Manager at Sigma Software
Liliia Melnyk

Account Manager

Sigma Software

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