Repair and Maintenance Information Sales System

Repair and Maintenance Information web portal for automotive industry

In order to meet a new law, the customer ordered a Repair and Maintenance Information (RMI) web portal. The RMI was meant to provide unrestricted and standardized access to all necessary information to independent operators.


The RMI Portal solution works as a web shop, allowing users buy time-limited access to various vehicle information. Built on the standards of Microsoft Commerce Server the solution relies on proven techniques and architecture.

The key functions of the solution:

  • Friendly navigation, check-out, and order flow;
  • Pricing, taxes;
  • Integration with a user management system and a system responsible for authorization, authentication, and timely access from extranet.

The concepts and provided architecture used e-commerce platform as a key part of the large system topology. Due to reuse of existing components and techniques, the solution was built and put into operation in a very short time period.


The solution was successfully delivered and integrated with client’s complex external environment of 22 systems. This allowed the client not only to meet new legislation regulations, but also to sell the developed technological platform to other automotive brands.