Self-Service Advertising Platform for DanAds

Self-Service Advertising Platform for DanAds
Sigma Software entered into cooperation with a Swedish startup DanAds to implement and develop the idea of a self-service advertising platform. The platform quickly gained success and is now used by small and large publishers to sell advertising online.



The startup idea was to modernize and digitalize advertising in Sweden with a web-based automated solution for publishers. The self-service platform had to provide advertisers with a campaign management system to buy targeted ad placements, online and in real time, in publisher’s news-site. After the initial product launch, the Customer found great interest in it and decided to improve and advance the existing solution to meet the publishers’ internal ad-business needs throughout the whole sales cycle.

The Customer partnered with Sigma Software for development of a while lebel platform embodying the idea to streamline digital self-advertising with reduced costs for publishers. The team has successfully built and implemented the platform. It is provided out-of-the-box, which ensures rapid implementation and infrastructure maintenance. Moreover, by providing simplicity into local targeting, impressions and conversions, DanAds self-service platform helps advertisers to spend their digital advertising budget more effectively and publishers to generate revenue opportunities by automating manual sales processes and ad operations.

The self-advertizing platform features:

  • Ad server integration to show available print, web, and mobile inventory in real time;
  • Integrated card payment system for direct invoicing;
  • Ad production system to create or upload ads;
  • Export functionality for campaign listings and bookings;
  • and others.

The platform has found its buyers among small and medium publishers striving to automate the ad sales for digital and print campaigns through the self-service platform.

With the success of the self-advertizing platform, the Customer decided to engage Sigma Software to create an Enterprise platform for enterprise-level publishers, which require platform customization and digital campaign targeting options. Our team took part in defining the business model, final shaping of the platform, and selecting best technologies for its development.

The Enterprise platform was built in the shortest term. It took the form of a Cloud-based white-label self-service platform with a core configuration structure, which offers rapid implementation and infrastructure maintenance. The platform-as-a-service (PaaS) model allowed including all types of configurations that could be ordered as add-ons to the core structure.

Enterprise platform features:

  • Many add-ons to choose from, including marketing features, chat support, etc.;
  • CRM integration to optimize advertiser processing;
  • Ad server integration with targeting options: demographic targeting, age and gender targeting;
  • Payment and campaign reporting;
  • Integrated card payment system for direct invoicing;
  • Ad production system to create or upload ads.



The development team is strongly integrated with the Customer’s business process and serves its interests in all respect. Being a trusted development partner for DanAds, Sigma Software has performed the full-cycle of engineering services including architecture, development, design, and testing tasks. Alongside with this, we have assisted our Customer in technical presentation of the platform to prospective clients and help further to strengthen Customer’s position on the market. Today DanAds works with small publishers as well as with the world's largest media houses, such as Shazam and Bloomberg, delivering a flexible self-service platform that meets the demands of client’s internal ad-business needs throughout the whole sales cycle.



DanAds is an ad tech company based in Sweden

A white label self-service advertising automated solution for publishers
Development from scratch, consulting on the development options and strategies, assistance in investment pitch
Team and Duration: 
4-11 FTE ongoing cooperation since 2016