Self-Service Advertising Platform for DanAds

Sigma Software helped DanAds startup implement and develop the idea of a self-service advertising platform by transforming it into a leading enterprise-level solution used by global publishers and brands all over the world
Leading provider of a self-service technology
Advertising platform as a service demonstrated on DanAds website
  • Business Need:

    Transform the startup project into a fully-fledged enterprise-level ad campaign management system that would enable publishers to automate advertising & save efforts by providing independent advertisers with the intuitive ad serving tools for running & monitoring campaigns.

  • Result:

    We performed the self-service platform development and helped the Client nurture it into a vibrant white-label ad solution that fosters the whole ad sales cycle. We also help DanAds with support & roll-outs to end-clients (incl. Hearst Magazines, Bloomberg, Tripadvisor, and SoundCloud).

Background for case study quote
“Sigma software team not only delivers top-notch products but also goes beyond expectations and suggests improvements that resolve customers’ pain points.”
Business Development Manager

Collaboration Overview

Key Facts

Sigma Software has been cooperating with DanAds since 2016. In the meantime, we have not only developed the marketing campaign management software but also built a coherent and synergetic partnership with the Client through helping DanAds strengthen their position on the market.

We do joint product & business development supporting DanAds not only with traditional software development but also with the value-adding services including strategies creation, pre-sales support, new clients on-boarding, customizations, L2/L3 Support, etc.

  • Performed full-cycle evolutionary development of the self-serve ad platform
  • Pre-sales support including product presentations and demos, pitches, website and promo materials development
  • Sales process support with SLA shaping, contract terms verification, and change request management procedure creation
  • Ad management platform specification and documentation development including user guides and video tutorials
  • ISO 27001 certification support including documentation, processes, and policies fine-tuning
  • Performed Cyber Security audits and took over 2nd & 3rd lines Support 24/7

DanAds was one of the first vendors to modernize & digitalize advertising with a web-based automated solution enabling publishers to delegate campaign roll-out and management to the advertisers themselves. This allows companies to cooperate with smaller advertisers without spending much additional effort.

To date, the following publishers have already benefited from the advantages of the cloud-based white-label PaaS solution: eBay, Philips, Bloomberg, HEARST, SoundCloud, Tripadvisor, Klarna, Expedia Group, Reach, Truecaller, Mail Metro Media, YouMail, Dubizzle, ABC-CBN, Discogs, Freestar.

  • Allows to decrease AdOps and Ad Sales workload by up to 90% automating all stages of advertising operation
  • Provides the self-service ads management tool for media buyers to create their own ads, regular banners, or native ads from scratch
  • Offers a set of target options to choose from (audience, geo, gender, age, key values, day & time, frequency, etc.)
  • Supports integration with any system the end-client needs (e.g. Ad Server, Lead Management, CRM, ERP, OMS, DSP, IMS)
  • Provides payment & campaign reporting and integrated with a credit card payment system (for direct invoicing with all the global payment providers)

The Client had high expectations regarding the self-serve advertising platform’s scalability, availability, security & cost-efficiency. To conform with the requirements, we carefully selected & implemented AWS Cloud services and serverless technologies (Lambda functions) for dynamic monitoring and customer alarming.

Our experts placed each specific instance of the self-service within the individual AWS VPC and connected it to the own instance of the specific infra resource. This ensures better control of resource usage and increases availability by reducing failure points.

  • Availability: implemented Amazon Route 53, VPC, ELB, S3 Buckets, CloudWatch Alarms and Events, Lambda, RDS to keep up with the service availability requirements
  • Scalability: placed each self-service instance behind the individual app load balancer to allow vertical & horizontal scaling
  • Security: applied AWS shared responsibility model to better control “Security in a Cloud”
  • Cost-optimization: used the Trusted Advisor service to gain insights about saving plans, resource utilization & possible optimizations
  • Monitoring: CloudWatch and custom metrics provide visibility and insights on infra operational status allowing to proactively react on possible issues/prevent SLA breach


“I have felt from day one that we were a team, with everyone working towards exactly the same goals. Despite the hard requirements, I never felt neither the pace nor quality went down. When we started the project, I said we would release the most UX perfected and bug-free platform we've ever launched. I feel here that all the developers and QAs stepped up and over-delivered.

We were able to meet the client's very demanding security compliance requirements, due to the DevOps, engineers, and team making a tireless job in reviewing the code inside out and setting up our Amazon environments. Never felt more confident about the security of a project!”
Alex Ernstsson, Head of Project Management
Axel Ernstsson

Head of Project Management


”We have worked closely with DanAds since 2016, and it strikes to see how much we’ve achieved during the past few years! We started with a small team of 5 people, to deliver the MVP version of a new DanAds product aimed at the Scandinavian market. After the first MVP release, our development pace has never dropped.

DanAds offer was unique on the market and still is which helped DanAds attract the world’s top publishers. Providing a stand-alone white-label solution, which is highly customizable, secure, and residing separately from other platforms (contrary to SAAS platforms) was exactly what the market needed! Our team grew from 5 people to 50 people, and we continue to scale with our team being deeply integrated into DanAds company.”
Anna Boiko
Anna Boiko

Account Manager

Sigma Softw

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