A Set of Information Portals for Theater Associations Organization in Sweden

Development of Information Portals for Theater

Main Portal, over 300 sub-portals for member-associations, and robust platform to unite performing groups and members providing premises for the shows. Looking as a single comprehensive solution for end-users, it unites 4 systems: public website development, customer web platform for websites of member organizations, company blog, and collaboration platform.


Over 3 years of fruitful collaboration resulted in a set of systems delivered. For end-users, all these systems are perceived as one comprehensive solution due to single sign-on, but in fact those were 4 separate projects including:

  • Public Website development. The site uses original custom theme running on Drupal content management framework with about 30 ready-made contributed Drupal modules and about 10 custom modules tailored specifically for Customer needs.
  • Customer Web Platform for websites of member organizations. For this solution, WordPress blogging engine with ready-made 3rd-party plugins and a few customer-specific plugins were used. Over 300 affiliates’ websites were created on top of this platform.
  • Company Blog based on WordPress and Company WIKI based on MediaWiki engine.
  • Collaboration Platform uniting performing groups planning a tour and organizations offering premises for performances developed based on WordPress.


The solutions were successfully delivered to the customer and are now actively used to enhance collaboration between association members, visitors, performers, host theatres, and everyone interested in performance and art.