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Sigma Software has been a reliable technology partner on several projects, including the development of a vehicle warranty processing system and 5 tailored in-car applications
Automotive software development for in-car Infotainment Head Units (IHU) with a digital user guide
  • Business Need:

    Lynk & Co is an innovative mobility brand. They turned to Sigma Group for a dedicated infotainment software development provider that would help implement their ideas.

  • Result:

    We have been supporting Lynk & Co with software engineering services for 3 years now. We extended their in-car media center with new services, created a new warranty tool with upgraded workflow for faster claim management & continue working on several new solutions.

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Sigma Software’s support was crucial to the success of this implementation. They have been well structured and organized throughout the process.
Thord Pedersen
Director of Uptime Systems
Lynk & Co International

Collaboration Overview

Car Guide with 3D View

Lynk & Co wanted to equip their in-car Infotainment Head Units (IHU) with a digital user guide providing detailed and interactive information about the vehicle. Sigma Software’s app development team started with PoC development, gradually transforming it into a fully-fledged app.

Our vehicle software developers elaborated the detailed solution vision with the core features and project estimates (incl. assumptions, user stories, timeline) and presented them to Lynk & Co during our first onsite visit. Those fully matched the Client’s expectations, and we shortly moved to solution delivery:

  • 360° interior/exterior 3D view demonstrating practical aspects of the car design and configuration
  • Overall car information split into topics and subtopics (currently over 100) for easy navigation
  • Silent background content updates to safeguard that the app can smoothly work offline and get necessary updates when connected to the internet
  • DocFactory integration enabling no-code content migration into UI for the Lynk & Co team
  • Extensive user flow analytics and crashlytics to track user behavior and measure app vitality

Lynk & Co constantly improves their car media system and wanted to increase the number of interactive apps offered. After the successful release of the car guide, they engaged our app development team to create new apps.

Our main challenge was to design the apps according to the custom Android firmware and specific tablet form-factor. We worked with the Client’s team to get necessary knowledge and designed an emulator reproducing the real hardware. It allowed us to run tests and ensure the solutions fit perfectly. To date, our android developers released 4 apps & keep working on several more.

  • Meetings app – integrated with Microsoft Teams and allows to make voice calls right in the car
  • Pretty Near app – analyzes the driver’s current location and suggests diverse sights nearby
  • ShareMyLocation app – allows drivers to share their current location with the contacts in their phone-book
  • Let’s Chat – suggests different discussion topics to make the car ride less boring

Lynk & Co’s saw an increase in number of requests to its engagement center. Lynk & Co detected a need to automate the warranty management process and engaged Sigma Software to create a tailored claims automation tool.

We started with existing tools and business processes audit, prepared an extended assessment report, and provided estimates on two alternatives: existing solution refactoring and building one from scratch. The Client opted for the new vehicle warranty claims processing system, and we initiated solution development.

  • Designed and developed a new Azure Cloud-based tool with refined and automated claims management workflow
  • Created a data mapping diagram to smoothly integrate the new application into the current ecosystem and get better understanding of the affected areas for future changes
  • Integrated the tool with 4 major systems within Lynk & Co ecosystem (with 4-5 sub-systems in each)
  • Configured single sign-on to ensure fast access to all the products within the organization
  • Introduced end-to-end testing flow with rich test cases to ensure the required quality level


Our experience of working with Sigma is very positive. They have provided great value for our app development with qualified consultants and acted professionally and agile.
Anonymous Avatar

Head of Product Planning Connected Services

Lynk & Co International

Sigma has been a valuable partner in automating our processes as quickly and as smooth as possible. With the new automated process, we are able to provide fast responses and a more efficient warranty tool.
Anonymous Avatar

Head of Uptime Systems

Lynk & Co International

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