Video Advertising Platforms for AOL

Video Advertising Platforms for AOL
Sigma Software and AOL are engaged in ongoing cooperation on development, support, and maintenance of global programmatic content and advertising platforms. The number of software development engineers participating in this project constantly increases.



Sigma Software is involved in the development and support of video advertising platforms since 2007, when the company began development of a video content management system for a startup. The video content management system was later acquired by AOL. Sigma Software continued development and support of the video content management system and other video advertising platforms for AOL.

Currently, Sigma Software engineers continue creating and updating platforms, which control how content is produced, distributed, consumed, and monetized. The platforms connect publishers with advertisers and provides them with flexible tools including:

  • Administration console to support customer’s internal operations (set access rights, edit metadata, run reports)
  • Wizard and orb driven units for rapid around (from simple button to complex flash based units)
  • Full video management system
  • Campaign flexibility (dynamic technology that makes it easy to modify units and to include new features on the fly)
  • Rich ad-in-ad technology (within the campaign itself you can include prerolls, interactive midrolls, synchronized banners, dynamically loaded branding areas, etc.)
  • User actions reporting
  • Campaign analytics reports
  • Billing system
  • General System Monitoring



A number of robust, efficient, and flexible tools for ad creation and management with variety of rich reports. The platforms provide 24/7 stable, reliable, and scalable environment for ad serving.


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AOL is one of the world’s biggest advertising media conglomerate, owner of the largest advertising and video platforms with millions of users and billions of video plays

Development, support, and maintenance of global programmatic content and advertising platforms
Full cycle development, 3rd line support and maintenance
Team and Duration: 
50+ FTE for over 10 years