Virtual Sports Betting Solution

Sports betting software development

The client decided to develop a new betting platform that would enable adding new kinds of virtual sports and payment solutions to the system that was already in use. Sigma Software was engaged for this project, because of our profound experience in gaming and gambling solutions.


Sigma Software developed the solution using product requirements and graphic design provided by the client.

The product delivered consists of two key components:

  • Bet Settlement Engine – a core back-end platform that integrates virtual sports data providers, payment systems, and a front-end application for end-users. This high load platform also provides several betting process customization capabilities with the built-in administration tool.
  • Client’s application – a web application for end-users to interact with the whole system: observe virtual sports games, place bets and get results. The application is developed in HTML5 and is tablet-optimized, but can also be used on other devices.

The actual product version is integrated with two virtual game generating servers and several payment systems. It offers betting on two kinds of virtual sports and is customized for a specific market, gambling operator, and specific devices to be accessed with.


The virtual sports betting solution is successfully delivered to the client. The product architecture provides the capacity for further expansion with new kinds of virtual sports and payment solutions.