W3D3 ecm platform development & maintenance

Remote development and support team working on an Enterprise Content Services product for efficient document and case management in the public sector
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W3D3 ECM platform development & maintenance
  • Business needs

    Safeguard continuous development and evolution of the W3D3 ECM product with high quality and as little management headache as possible

  • Result

    W3D3 dedicated ECM developers team at Sigma Software takes care of the full-cycle product development and support. The team works in full synergy with the Product Manager from the customer’s side safeguarding stable deliveries and coming up with suggestions on further product enhancements

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You are a great part in the success of Formpipe and W3D3.
Henrik Steensland
Product Manager of W3D3

Collaboration overview

Solution delivered

Thousands of employees from municipalities, government agencies, and universities across Sweden rely on the W3D3 product. The system automates enterprise content services workflow, makes working with enterprise content more efficient, and safeguards compliance to document and archiving regulations.

The product is available as an on-premise installation and on a SaaS basis equally matching large organizations’ and small government agencies’ needs.

  • Predefined templates for fast documents creation
  • Case and Document flow management tools
  • Extensive logging and version management for process and changes traceability
  • Configurable tool cleaning the system from expired documents and cases
  • Fast and intuitive search tools
  • Electronic signature support
  • Integration with SharePoint Bullet points – 900 symbols
  • Additional functional modules, such as Viewpoint management, Meeting management, Contract management, e-Recruitment, etc.

By the time Formpipe decided to outsource W3D3 development, we already had 3+ years of collaboration history. Sigma Software was operating Formpipe Dedicated Development center working with Platina, LTA, and Meetings Plus products. Thus, we were well familiar with Formpipe requirements, expectations, and processes.

So, the Development Center was extended with another Enterprise Content Services team focusing on W3D3. Beginning with product code review and security testing, the team gradually took over full-cycle product development (from requirements clarification to UAT support).

  • The team follows the PMI model including a number of Agile practices
  • We use DevOps Azure to track tasks defined and prioritized by Product Manager, Platina ECM for project documentation management, and MS Team tool for communication
  • Systematic half-yearly releases with interim demos for every big feature
  • Regular bi-yearly PO visits for strategic planning and team building sessions as well as regular weekly status meetings, demo meetings, requirement elaboration, clarification, etc.
  • Rich reporting includes weekly, monthly, and half-yearly reports highlighting project status, achievements, risks, hours spent, KPIs, etc.

As a reliable partner we, not only make sure we deliver up to Formpipe expectations, but also contribute to W3D3 success on the market. We monitor market trends and regularly come up with initiatives on new functionality and potential product enhancements to be sure W3D3 follows all the Enterprise Content Services best practices.

The team also actively participates in process optimization e.g. tests various approaches and software development methodologies (Scrum, Kanban, and PMI) and compiles the perfect blend that delivers best results.

  • After GDPR announcement, we prepared a set of user stories to safeguard product compliance with the regulations & implemented them
  • Suggested & implemented product accessibility improvements for WCAG compliance
  • Performed Independent Information Security Testing and removed identified vulnerabilities
  • Introduced machine learning PoC for automated metadata prefill and cases allocation to pre-defined flows
  • Introduced team mentoring and retention approach that ensured high level of engagement (team members stay on the project from 3,5 to 9 years)


“You all take part in improving the system with features and with good quality that indirectly serves millions of Swedes in making the daily work within the public sector less tedious and more fun. Last but not least you are a great part in the success of Formpipe, of the W3D3 and a huge part of making me enjoy going to work almost every single day!”

Product Manager

W3D3 Formpipe

“Formpipe has a good practice to use own products in company’s daily routines. It turns employees into users and allows them to understand how people interact with the product, figure out product gaps and advantages. It's so satisfying and encouraging to see how all changes and improvements you worked on as a developer make your life easier as an end-user.”

W3D3 Project Manager

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