Automotive Industry

Personal and commercial vehicles become safer and smarter as well as their sales and servicing. Vehicles get coated with software systems, which facilitate driving, parking, and navigating, monitor vehicle state, or track its location. Sigma Software develops software systems and services, both embedded and external, for automotive enterprises.


E-sales of Parts, Repair Maintenance Information, and Accompanying Products

Automotive companies can optimize their sales of spare parts, branded merchandise, telematics, and digital assets with a flexible customizable modular platform by Sigma. The e-commerce platform addresses many issues related to large catalogues, multiple suppliers, discount processing, delivery charges, and more. Ease-of-use and ordering speed in e-com solutions based on the platforms create unrivalled user experience for automotive dealers and customers.

Diagnostics and Assistance in Repairing

Nowadays electronic systems participate in all vehicle operations. They control and monitor vehicle functioning and store valuable information that can be used for troubleshooting and failure prevention. Sigma Software has experience in developing additional functions to a vehicle diagnostic application and can assist you in creating and extending fault tracing and failure preventing systems for your business.

Vehicles Tracking

Corporate and individual users often face a need to receive accurate and detailed data about vehicle route, stops, breakages, speeding reports, or unplanned stops. Sigma Software has successfully participated in delivering several solutions and devices for vehicle tracking and controlling purposes. The solutions and devices address fleet management, public transport control, and failures elimination.

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