Energy Industry

The energy industry is experiencing considerable changes in the power distribution and sales in terms of flexible price formation, load levelling, and accounting. Digital billing and accounting facilities allow energy consumers be more responsive to energy price movements and power generators to affect consumption peaks through price changes.


Consumption Accounting and Billing

Sigma Software takes energy consumption accounting and billing to new heights. Reporting widgets and billing modules automate operations and ensure transparency both for customers and producers. Online energy indicators provide valuable information acceptable from any location.
  • .NET
  • MVC
  • MS Azure
  • Java Script
  • QuickView
  • Oracle

Reports and Forecasts

We have experience in developing solutions for aggregating energy consumption data, providing analytical information, and building forecasts for future periods. Sigma specialists understand the power of visual aids and can use charts, graphs, and diagrams to present reports and forecasts information in an easy-to-understand way.

Resource and Asset Management

Sigma experts can install, configure, and adjust resource and asset management products, such as IBM Maximo and MS Dynamics AX, to suit the needs and requirements of energy companies. Moreover, Sigma Software has groundwork in predictive maintenance for energy industry assets that will facilitate planning and budgeting for resource and asset maintenance.

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