Finance and Banking Software Development

Finance and banking are the areas that can have the best of the advancements offered by IT. Digitalization of cash flows and payments provides grounds for even wider spread of electronic services and modernization of financial processes.

Loan and Debt Management

Sigma Software is proficient in financial system and solutions related to capturing and permission-based sharing of loans information as well as debt management and automation. We have competence to handle all stages of debt management, including software, hardware, and legal aspects, and augment financial systems with innovative technologies, for example, business intelligence or cloud services.

  • Analytics
  • Workflow Automation
  • Predictive Modelling
  • Treatment Strategy
  • Decision-Making

Mobile Payments

People choose comfort. Electronic and mobile payments make people’s life easier and increase banking card payments security. On the other side, mobile payments solutions provide benefits also to retailers through lower infrastructure cost and higher transaction speed with fewer chances for input errors. Sigma Software can put mobile payments into practice the way you need them.


Sigma Software has created, from requirements specification and architecture design to deployment and support, an advanced invoicing system. The system automates import and validation of electronic and paper invoices and detects overcharges and undercharges by matching invoices with costs calculated by an internal customer’s system (also developed by Sigma Software).

Cost Management and Reporting

Sigma experts build financial solutions for cost management and reporting. The financial solutions we developed increase transparency, create operational efficiency, and improve the price-value relationship for all parties involved. Flexible reporting capabilities provide detailed transactional and behavioral data to enable actionable analysis.

  • Display financial activities, savings, vendor invoices
  • Track agent effectiveness
  • Forecast cash flow
  • Calculate currency exchange rates
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