Gambling/Gaming Software Development

Exploding internet capabilities and falling technology cost made video games and gambling games accessible to many people and in many circumstances. Sigma Software possesses technical skills, which allow us to master gambling and video games, furnish back-office operations for them, and create outstanding graphics.

Gambling Games

Sigma Software has substantial experience in developing gambling games. We have developed and maintained a flexible, highly secure gambling server platform with multi-currency and multi-language features and integration of games into required configurations and back office systems.

  • Slot machines, Poker, Blackjack, Lottery
  • Game logics, documentation, testing
  • Downloadable & instant
  • Full & mini-games

Video Games

Sigma Software develops video games and quizzes, providing technical expertise combined with knowledge of gaming products, best gaming practices, and amazing game characters with beautiful graphics. All it takes to make an eye-catching creative design, high performance, and exciting gaming experience.

Gambling software developers
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