eHealth is an evolving trend in healthcare practice. This trend reflects benefits and advances furnished by electronic processes and communication. Indeed, storing, accessing, and analyzing electronic data ensures continuity and accuracy of treatment and clinical research in worldwide perspective. Sigma Software has a number of successful projects falling into healthcare industry and, specifically, eHealth components.


Global Clinical Data Storage and Sharing

Clinical research involves numerous clinics, clinical research associates, and labs that can be located all over the world. They all need to receive and provide research data in a secure and convenient way. Sigma Software is experienced in developing clinical and pharmaceuticals portals, which comply with all healthcare industry regulations and IT security standards.

Patient Database Management and Analysis

Storing and managing patient data requires special security measures. To implement a solution for centralized patient database management and analysis, Sigma experts developed a secured web application operating via secure protocols and accessible using on-time-password technologies. The solution users always deal with up-to-date data due to high performance real-time data synchronization. Data look up and analysis is facilitated with powerful search and analysis tools.

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory requirements in healthcare can seem overwhelming for healthcare professionals and those trying to cooperate with healthcare companies. Sigma Software has a solid experience in developing and modifying software systems to conform to healthcare requirements as well as creating quality management processes and systems in the companies striving to work in healthcare industry.

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