Media and Advertising Software Development

Today media is a much broader concept than it used to be even 10 years ago. Media content is no longer created exclusively by professionals, everybody with a smartphone or PC can create own content and share it via social media, blogs, multimedia sharing websites, or other resources. This change as well as emerging personalization and targeting capabilities have also influenced advertising methods and approaches.

TV and Video ADs Management

Video content, both amateur and professional, forms a substantial part of modern media. Sigma Software has successfully delivered several easy and flexible tools for on-demand video streaming and administration, video advertising, and video & ad units creation. The developed tools allow users to produce, distribute, consume, and monetize video content as well as offer rich client reports and an embedded billing system.

Advertising for Advertisers

Sigma Software has an established track record in multimedia, TV, and digital advertising solutions. We are experts in all aspects of advertising, including ad exchange solutions with underlying real-time analytics, targeting, bidding, and reporting for campaign assessment.

TV Streaming Environment

Media flourishes and develops in many directions. Sigma Software developers stay up to date with the tendencies. One of advanced media solutions created for our customers is a platform to develop tailored Apple TV streaming extensions for content owners in a smooth and easy way. Using the platform, content owners may choose to monetize with a time-based subscription model, payments for each video, or demonstrating ads.

Media advertising software developers
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