“It always seems impossible
until it’s done.”

Nelson Mandela

Some stories are worth being adapted for large screens, aren`t they?:-)

On August 14, a Ukrainian team officially set a new world speed record for vintage motorcycles during the legendary racing at the Bonneville Salt Flats.

Erstwhile, in October 2015, a team of talented engineers from Kharkiv (Ukraine) started working on construction of a racing motorcycle, which was destined to become a champion in two years. Iron Custom Motorcycles, a world famous customizing company, was the motorcycle creator. Sigma Software became one of the partners of the project.

IZH-49, 1953 year made, was chosen as a basis for the future Bonneville “dark horse.” The original version was heavy, had problems with aerodynamics and ludicrous engine yield equal to 11 CV.

Kharkiv experts - equipped with their wealth of experience, outstanding engineering talent, and dedication - managed to design the motorcycle that became the main hero of the Bonneville races.

How the magic was done


After long packing and paperwork, in mid-August 2017, the motorcycle toed the starting line on Bonneville Salt Flats to establish the speed record in own class from the first try reaching 99.764 miles per hour. The previous speed record equaled 86 mph.

Sigma Software: being in the stream

Ukraine was always rich in smart engineers and innovators. Over the past few years, the world learned a lot about Ukrainian IT
industry and its talented programmers. It's time to discover the potential of our bright engineers in other areas.

Vladimir Beck

Board Member at Sigma Software
“This story is a great example of how bright minds, persistence, and dedication help reaching the goals that seemed impossible at a first glance. With little support from state bodies and sports organizations, Ukrainians have proved to themselves and everyone around that they build their dreams with own hands! Sigma Software is happy to be a part of this amazing project.”

Valery Krasovsky

CEO at Sigma Software
“Ukrainian engineers can actually work miracles. A strong school, deep experience, a peculiar mindset, and confidence that everything is feasible, you just have to believe and work hard - these are the distinguishing features of our specialists. In recent years, Ukraine has been widely recognized as a strong IT country that successfully competes on the global market. To a great extent, this became possible due to a large pool of talented professionals. Over and above, thousands of proficient engineers work in related industries. The eloquent evidence for that is the record set by Ukrainian motorcycle in Bonneville. As a company, we used to pursue big goals and achieve them, despite any obstacles. That's why we became project partners. We are proud to be a part of the team that made this victory happen.”