Felicitas Customized Engineering

A highly specialized Germany-based company, dedicated to advanced engineering in the fields of high speed electronic signals, wireless and wired communication.

Web design & web developement

The whole concept, logotype and visual design, as well as web development were performed by Sigma Software, ensuring smart and clear web presence for the company that produces electronic hardware.

Dozens of icons

Sigma Software design team creates various icon types starting from eye-catching visual elements for websites and ending up with the intuitive PCBSim system and product icons.

Service Icon

Service Icon

Service Icon

Service Icon

Service Icon

Service Icon

System icons

From hand-drawn sketch to illustartion

Sigma Software approach on design development allows turning rough ideas into complete engaging Illustrations.

before after

Typograhpy and printed materials

Working on printed materials our design team not only produces templates, but also covers deep conceptual typography development.

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Heinz Hornung


Felicitas Customized

Sigma Software supports us in all tasks related to design, marketing and internet almost from day one of our company. Especially helpful is that Sigma has high-skilled and experienced specialists available for all tasks and all handled by a single competent project manager. They work motivated, dedicated and creative like my own employees. Felicitas would look different without them.