FormPipe Meetings Application

Formpipe Software AB is a Nordic market leading software company in the expansive field of Enterprise Content Management solutions and strategic Sigma Software partner.

In 2009 Sigma Software established an Offshore Development Center (ODC) involved in development of Formpipe innovative products and customer specific solutions on top of them. Today the team in Software counts more than 35 software developers and test engineers who develop and support wide range of Formpipe products.

Among them Formpipe Meeting application for iPad. This innovative product was launched by Formpipe in spring 2011 and since then deserved recognition in Swedish public and private sectors and amount of the users has been steadily growing.



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Formpipe has substantial number of implementations of its ECM products: Platina and W3D3 in both private and public sectors. Its solutions are employed in authorities, county councils and municipalities, government agencies, universities as well as in manufacturing and pharmaceutical companies.

Among other features, they offer advanced meeting organization tools that was available only on PCs. This limitation resulted in the need to print out necessary documents before the meeting and destroy sensitive data afterwards. Formpipe Meeting offers solution for this problem – special app dedicated to reviewing documents, treating them securely, and allowing commenting on the materials and taking notes during the conversations. The app is integrated with Formpipe ECM systems, so the users don’t have to take special care of downloading, uploading and maintaining local copies of the documents — it’s all done automatically, in simple yet secure way.

The application displays the list of meetings downloaded from the ECM system. Each meeting includes its agenda and a number of related documents. The application provides options for reviewing meeting related documents of most used formats: DOCX, XLSX and PDF, and making marks and notes to their content.

The application is features with:

Secure authentication

Authentication will be performed over secure channel, and Internet connection will be required in order to authenticate, for the username and password will be sent to ECM system for verification.

Support of confidential documents

The system will also involve documents marked as “confidential”, where a user has to enter their credentials once more right before viewing the document

Synchronization with iOS calendar

The application can be synchronized with the native iOS calendar thus allowing setting up reminders and alerts.

User friendly navigation.

The navigation approach within the application is based on the tree-menu concept and inherits native iOS behavior.

Vertical & horizontal view adapted

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