Costs Management System

New Charges developed by Sigma team is a web-based Intranet solution. It is a new product developed from scratch for SAS. However its design enables customization of the product in the future, thus making a cost-efficient provision for an upgrade to become a sellable product in the future.

The system is developed using Microsoft technologies. Ready to use products were analyzed, however none of them supported necessary functionality out-of-the-box.

New Charges is featured with:

Integration with other internal systems.

Automatic and manual data import from and export to other financial and data keeping systems.

Integration with international airline resources.

The New Charges process a lot of data received from international airline resources, which are common for the entire airline industry. Furthermore, pluggable architecture of the system makes it fast and easy to add or remove integrations with other data sources.

Data management facilities.

System allows updating any single record via edit-form or via Excel if update of data package is required.


Possibility to calculate actual costs, perform budget and prognosis runs to create forecasts for future costs.

Ad-Hoc calculations.

While other calculations use strictly predefined set of initial data, the Ad-Hoc permits users to define the input and perform a calculation on a fly.


The system can generate pre-defined cost reports, which allow viewing the results of the calculations performed and check if the data was imported / entered correctly.

Invoice control and claims generation.

Users are able to upload the invoices to the system and compare invoiced costs with calculated. As the result of this comparison claim or debt information may be obtained.

    Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) is one of the 10 biggest airlines in Europe and the biggest one in Scandinavia.

    SAS uses Infrastructure Charges System (Charges system) for calculating, managing, follow up and decision making on infrastructure Charges for enroute, aircraft related airport Charges and passenger related airport Charges.

    Previous version of Charges System was based on mainframe.

    New Charges System had to present the following improvements:

    - More user-friendly interface,
    - Better support for Purchasing and Business control,
    - Ease of integration with feeding systems,
    - Ease and cost-efficiency of support and maintenance,
    - Functional extension.

  • Technologies:

    - Windows Server 2008 R2,
    - Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 SP1,
    - ASP.NET MVC,
    - Windows Communication Foundation,
    - Microsoft SQL Server 2008,
    - Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services.


    11 people (9 at Sigma Software, Project Manager/Business Analyst at Sigma IT & Management, Product Owner at SAS).


    9 months of development,
    ongoing support.

  • The New Charges system was delivered in time and fully met SAS expectations. The solution has successfully passed through tests performed both by business and end users and was used in operations even before it was formally accepted.

    After the launch of the product Sigma IT & Management Group AB and Sigma Software LLC continue the collaboration with SAS on other intranet products with aim to create new integrated infrastructure of the company.

    Success of the New Charges became a trigger for SAS to consider the Microsoft products as a platform for internal company’s systems.