Enterprise Solutions Platform

Sigma Software 12 year experience in delivering enterprise systems for clients worldwide allowed us to create a platform, which significantly simplifies building of Enterprise solutions and decreases their time-to-market.


Streamline Enterprise System Development with EVA

To facilitate enterprise systems development, Sigma Software specialists have created a special platform, called EVA, based on reusable blocks and components. The blocks are designed to fit about 50-75% of enterprise solutions projects, including CRM, booking, dispatching and workforce management systems, e-com solutions, distributed business automation applications, etc.

Build using Eva:

  • Corporate Portals
  • E-com Solutions
  • Distributed Business Automation Apps

Reduce Development Costs and Time

Sigma experts can easily integrate the blocks of EVA Platform as binaries, or as a source code to your product. Most of the blocks are infrastructural, so they provide mechanism of data storage, data exchange, message exchange, logging etc. And since the blocks are quite general, they are suitable for various domains. Using these blocks, we can assemble a new solution (or at least solution base) almost like a Lego, significantly saving budget and calendar time. In this way, you obtain a solution tailored according to your needs in reasonable time and at reasonable price.

Ensure Reliability

Since you base your product on run-in platform, stabled and proved in a number of production systems, with Eva you raise confidence level and increase reliability of your enterprise system.
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