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Custom application development services

Get your app delivered on a turnkey basis in full compliance with your business goals. Ensure positive ROI, high level of user engagement, app scalability and maintainability through outsourcing app development to a reliable tech partner

Value we Deliver with Application Development

A scheme showcasing interconnections among people within a social app

Native mobile apps for secure communication inside 10+ MM users’ community

MVPs for iOS & Android covering major flows delivered within only 4 months


Centralized clinical trial data management web app with enhanced security

Featured with high-performance real-time data synchronization

Aircraft wing

A set of high-reliability enterprise apps replacing outdated systems

Accompanied by processes enhancements enabled SAS to halve IT costs within 3 years

Facade of the business center’s upper floors

Service center routines automation with web-based task & service management suite

Easier daily ops, optimized task assignment to field staff, efficient control

A social media app post with a picture of a woman

Reengineering and optimization of the influencer marketing platform and mobile apps

Enabled saving 80% of IT infrastructure costs by migrating the platform to cloud

A picture of a girl riding a horse on the smartphone

2 month from an idea to a product go-live with Sigma Software app developers’ team

We shortened product time-to-market through the cross-platform development approach


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Benefits of custom application development

Business boost

Unlock new opportunities and increase operational efficiency with custom apps.

We make sure the app delivered addresses your growth strategy in an optimal way.

Industry standards compliance

Safeguard regulatory & standards compliance to enter new industries and markets.

Experts in GDPR, WCAG, GMP, ISO, and other unified & industry-specific standards.

Security & Reliability

Mitigate risks & ensure app resilience with secure SDLC and robust architecture.

Our Architects, QA & InfoSec team are on the target to make apps secure & fail-safe.

Minimum cost and effort

Save future costs by ensuring your app is scalable, easy to maintain & enhance.

We optimize not only development costs, but also app total cost of ownership.

A tablet with an open mobile application
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Custom Mobile App Development

Cross-platform app development

We use cross-platform development with React Native or Flutter to build mobile applications hitting all commonly used mobile platforms in a short time and with beauty of native controls. Bringing together the benefits of native and hybrid development, cross-platform development introduces additional flexibility that makes it possible to support all your ideas.

Native app development services

Sigma Software mobile app developers specialize in all major platforms (iOS, Android, iPad, Wearables, and more) ensuring your custom application utilizes all possibilities each of the mobile OS can offer. Entrust our experts to deliver your bespoke app featured with superb UX, future-proof architecture, and uncompromised quality.

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Related Cases
Development of a live-video assistant AR app for real-time pro help with visual marks

A streaming AR app for real-time professional help. The app provides easy-to-use video assistance tools that can be used in car repairs, hardware assembly, customer helpdesk, etc.

Cross-platform apps for secure document handling in government institutions in Sweden

The apps enable working with documents and protocols for committee meetings: download/upload, review, share, comment, add notes. Secured with two-factor user & device authentication.

Development of Mobile App for Car Dealership Service Centers

Custom mobile app automating communication between customers and car service centers. Integrated with Dealership Management System for maintenance and service requests processing.

Delivery of a video streaming AppleTV app for polo broadcasting TV network

Built on top of Sigma AppleTV app development platform in 5 weeks by the team of 2.5 FTE. Analytics, administration, and monetization functions are available in the cloud back-end.

Bespoke Enterprise & Web App

Custom enterprise application development

We build enterprise-scale platforms, web portals, and sophisticated industry-specific applications using wide technology stack and trendy approaches: Cloud, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Serverless Architecture, and more.

Digitize or automate your cost management, payrolls, invoicing, decision support, customer engagement, and other business processes with us in an enterprise web or mobile app.

Web app development

User-friendly & responsive custom web apps for smooth, efficient operations and customer service. We deliver on-premise and cloud-hosted web app and platform development services.

Accelerate your business with efficient solutions immediately accessible to authorized users from anywhere around the world.

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Enterprise app growth graph
Related Cases
Digital transformation of the IT ecosystem of the leading IPR registration company

Automating core processes, info flows, and project management activities between clients, employees, and partners worldwide. Support of 20+ systems and development of a new solution.

Redesign and ongoing development of an innovative last-mile delivery platform & apps

Joint collaboration space for retailers, operators & drivers linking free capacities of fleet operators with dynamic tour planning & recipient notifications for optimized delivery.

Developing web & mobile apps for Knorr-Bremse autonomous truck maneuvering technology

3-month development of the client-server applications and their integration with Knorr-Bremse automated driving technology for onboard Autonomous Yard Maneuvering (AYM) solution.

Automatizing of business-critical processes in overhaul industry using Camunda

A powerful app, compliant with OMG and ISO standards, that has automated 15 core processes in a technical service company operating in aircraft maintenance and overhaul industry.

IoT & Cloud App Development

Cloud Application Development

Our experts create both cloud provider-agnostic solutions as well as solutions optimized to work in AWS/Azure/Google Cloud with a special focus on reliability, high availability, and information security requirements.

The team of qualified cloud specialists can support you in choosing and setting up the best-fit cloud infrastructure, migrate your app to the cloud, optimize cloud infrastructure costs, etc.

IoT App Development

We will deliver efficient IoT applications and platform enabling interconnectivity across diverse industries from smart home and smart city solutions to connected vehicles.

Our embedded software engineers and IoT developers will design and seamlessly integrate your IoT mobile and web apps, on-board programs, drivers, solution and firmware platforms in tune with external connectivity and reporting capabilities.

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Bespoke app in cloud
Related Cases
A range of IoT apps equipped for high loads to manage smart city street lighting

Web-based Central management system and commissioning mobile apps integrated with customer’s smart luminaries to enable next-generation street lightning for cities worldwide.

Development of the firmware, Android and IOS apps to control BEGA garden light systems

Contributed to the PRO remote-control with device programming & optimization, created BEGA Smart apps with BLE connectivity for handy operation of Plug & Play LED light system.

Fleet management solution for tracing of vehicles’ routes, stops, breakages, and speed

Development of embedded applications for navigation devices and Web admin tools working as a part of vehicle tracking system and sold as a service to the end-customers.

Diagnostic tool’s functional extension for bus troubleshooting and failure prevention

A simple and clear app used for fault tracing in an electrical body system of buses – it analyses fault log from the device in the bus, and suggests repairing options.

Man is outlining outsourcing cybersecurity adoption process on the chart board

Supporting You at any Stage of App Lifecycle

At the early-stage app development, we work with our customers to validate the idea, select the best-fit technology stack, and define future solution architecture.
At this stage, we support you through:
  • Market & target audience analysis
  • Validating application idea through PoC development
  • Ensuring app architecture is future-proof and fits your IT ecosystem
While bringing your application to life, we pay special attention to the quality and predictability of deliveries, user experience, and app sustainability.
At this stage, we support you through:
  • Safeguarding app fast launch and minimizing cost of change
  • Timely identifying and resolving possible bottlenecks
  • Validating app quality and acceptance criteria conformity
Once your existing app becomes too costly to maintain or can no longer serve your business ambitions in full, we can support you with modernizing it.
For legacy and outdated apps, we do:
  • Migration to modern technologies and platforms
  • Moving to the cloud infrastructure and architecture upgrades
  • App redesign according to the most recent UI/UX standards

Our craft

Strategy & features

A scheme of custom app architecture from an app creation company

Our business analysts and product managers will help you define the best-fit strategy and optimal features for your app. Combining our app creation expertise with your vision, the team will elaborate the app concept, identify major challenges, and ascertain leverage points.

We do:
  • Application features prioritization & MVP scope definition
  • User behavior analysis and A/B Testing (AARRR metrics, feature metrics, etc.)
  • Application strategy adjustment and marketing support
A scheme of custom app architecture

Our UX experts and Software Architects work together to select the most suitable technologies stack for your application, elaborate its interface and user flows. They match UX and architecture to ensure that your app is technically feasible and provides for further development.

We do:
  • App target audience analysis
  • App UX concept including wireframes and a user experience map
  • Software architecture design for the app and its backend
  • UX and app flows accessibility optimization
Bespoke application coding using React

A balanced team of app developers, project managers, business analysts, and software testers creates perfectly functioning bespoke apps and integrates them into your ecosystem quickly and transparently, equipping it with new functionality with each new iteration.

We do:
  • Controllable and transparent custom application development
  • Safeguarding compliance with industry standards and best practices
  • Evolutionary product development following continuous integration principles
  • Application quality assurance and information security testing
An app support chatbot from custom application development company

After the app goes live, we arrange live app introductions and support, create exhaustive to-dos, text and video manuals and guides for your new software. We also provide application support & maintenance and continue adding new features as necessary.

We do:
  • Support during the app’s user acceptance testing
  • Run user trainings and prepare user manuals & video tutorials
  • Add automated support features, like chatbot
  • Provide 1st, 2nd, and 3rd line support & maintenance services
Bespoke app development technologies

Technologies we work with

React Native
MS Azure
Node JS
Snow-covered mountains

Our RTP Philosophy in App Development


  • Well defined service processes with special focus on planning and delivery control
  • Refined HR processes aimed to safeguard sustainable and uninterrupted service delivery
  • Robust quality control with a range of KPIs to track delivery quality and efficiency


  • Regular and detailed reporting on different management levels (weekly, monthly, etc.)
  • Clear, predictable, and consistent billing accompanied by detailed expenditure reports
  • Extensive use of task & project management systems like Jira, Confluence, Azure DevOps


  • Focus on delivering business value instead of just performing the tasks assigned
  • Working processes tailored for synergy with customer organization and business ways
  • Constant strive for optimization, better performance, and collaboration efficiency
Custom application developer
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Frequently Asked Questions

Custom application software development provides tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of a business, which commercial off-the-shelf software may not be able to do. Some of the key advantages include:

  • Scalability: Customized software solutions are tailored specifically to company’s requirements and can be easily scaled according to the growing needs.
  • Independence: Custom application development helps avoid the limitations associated with commercial solutions, including end-of-support, price hikes, and vendor lock-in.
  • Security: Custom software application development allows configuring the exact level of cyber security protection the business requires.

RFP development implies many aspects, but usually you don’t need to cover each of them. You can find ready-to-use templates that will save you time on document preparation. Sigma Software experts can help you clarify the requirement and make sure your RFP represents your needs in the best way.

Here are a few steps to follow to prepare RFP for a custom application development:

Step 1: As a business, identify:

  • Requirements
  • Scope
  • Project goals
  • Budget
  • Timeline
  • Stakeholders
  • Vendor selection criteria

Step 2: When drafting the RFP, include:

  • Project overview
  • Company description
  • Project goals
  • Scope of work and deliverables
  • Technical requirements
  • RFP’s timeframe
  • Budget
  • Submission requirements
  • Point of contact

Our application development experts use a variety of technologies for customized software solutions, including but not limited to:

Programming Languages:

  • Java
  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • C#
  • Ruby
  • PHP

Frameworks and Libraries:

  • Front-end frameworks: React, Angular, and Vue.js
  • Back-end frameworks: ASP.NET, Laravel, Django, Ruby on Rails, and Express.js
  • Mobile app development frameworks: React Native, and Flutter
  • UI/UX libraries: Bootstrap, Material-UI, and Foundation

Databases and BI:

  • MySQL, PostgreSQL, HSQL
  • Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle
  • SSIS, SSAS, SSRS, Microstrategy
  • NoSQL
  • Hibernate

Integrated Development Environments:

  • Eclipse
  • Visual Studio
  • Android Studio

Version Control Systems:

  • Git (GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket)
  • Subversion (SVN)
  • Mercurial

Testing and Debugging Tools:

  • Selenium
  • JUnit
  • Jest
  • Xcode Instruments

Deployment and DevOps Tools:

  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • Jenkins

Application Development Methodologies:

  • Rapid Application Development
  • Agile

When looking for an application development company, it would be helpful to:

  • Check their portfolio, case studies, and testimonials to assess their expertise in developing similar applications
  • Request proposal and conduct interview
  • Discuss the delivery timeline, cooperation model, and budget estimates

App development team management requires careful project planning and quality control. There are several steps to ensure efficient team management: Project Manager (PM) engagement, best practices compliance, and methodologies adoption (e.g., Rapid Application Development). PM serves as a liaison between the client and the team, safeguarding the product development goes in line with the client’s needs and requirements. PM can be engaged either on the client’s or the vendor’s side.

When looking for a developer to hire for custom software design and development, there are a few options:

1: In-House

  • Smooth integration of employees into the company’s culture
  • Proven awareness of the company’s development processes


  • Expenditures related to social and compensation packages
  • Limited talent pool

2: Freelance

  • Flexible employment models
  • Access to talents on a global scale


  • Challenging onboarding process
  • Lack of control over a team

3: Outsource

  • Reduced hiring and onboarding costs
  • Risk Transfer


  • Lack of internal talent development
  • Remote communication

Since software development projects come in different flavors, ranging in size and solution type, each project requires a tailored team and effort. The price formation is discussed individually. With some exceptions, Sigma Software projects start at $30K and may exceed a million for the development of complex systems/projects.

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