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Custom Mobile App Development

Go mobile to better interact with your target audience, automate and optimize daily operations, unlock new revenue streams and make most out of what native or hybrid mobile applications can offer

Value we deliver with mobile development

Construction helmet and drawings
Infobric Logo

Enterprise iOS and Android apps used at 10K construction sites in Scandinavia

Construction workers’ attendance registry, navigation, and access management

Data warehouse for a software product
Aol. Logo

Mobile app developers delivering Ads SDK enabling publishers to monetize their apps

The SDK can be customized to fit publisher’s individual monetization strategy

Mobile App for Autonomous Driving
Knorr-Bremse Logo

Driver app delivered as a part of Autonomous Yard Maneuvering solution PoC

Fast delivery enabling autonomous truck demonstration at IAA Commercial Vehicles

App for Smart Lighting System Management
Bega Logo

IoT native apps for smooth operation of the smart Plug & Play LED light system

Solution delivered in cooperation with Sigma Connectivity

Fitness Trainer App
Forma Logo

App connecting professional fitness trainers and clients for ideal workouts

Enables profile & location-based match-making and training sessions booking

Mobile App Developers
We delivered
 50+ Apps

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11  Years

Of Mobile Development Experience

Mobile Development with Sigma Software


Reaching your client, employee, or contractor with personalized content any time.

Sigma Software will help you include mobile devices into your business strategy.


Putting UX first across all interaction means (like touch, voice, and gesture).

We use data-driven UI methods for superb UX with a special focus on accessibility.


Utilizing mobiles’ possibilities like gyroscope, Camera, GPS, offline work, etc.

We will easily integrate your app with external devices, services, and platforms.


Finding an ideal blend of native & cross-platform development to meet your goals.

We focus on ensuring a lower cost of change & securing predictable deliveries.

Smart Watch
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Native App Development

Android App Development Services

Sigma Software experts deliver incredible Android applications for any type of devices such as smartphones, tablets, or wearables, taking advantage of everything Android has to offer.

We thoroughly analyze user behavior and feedback making sure your target audience loves both the app UI and feature set.

IOS App Development Services

Our iOS app developers and creative designers make sure the app is delivered exactly as imagined and keeps your target audience coming back for more.

Sigma Software team adheres to strict Apple development guidelines to build incredible solutions across iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Apple TV.

A camera of the mobile phone
Related Cases
Social Media iOS application for real-time VR streaming with 360-degree video in 4K

Allows users to capture, share, and stream their experiences in VR and regular mode as well as enables 360-degree private calls through low-latency streaming with two-way audio.

Twixt iOS application optimizing the way car dealerships and vehicle owners interact

Integrated with US biggest DMS to return car service history, send automated maintenance reminders, and enable car owners to book visits, check the work status, pay invoices, etc.

BlackSnow Open-World AR Mobile Game with precise geo-positioning & advanced gameplay

Uses almost every sensor a smartphone has – cameras, compass, GPS, gyroscope, accelerator, etc. to fully replicate holographic goggles immersion effect on a regular smartphone.

Redesign, extension, and support of an official assistant apps for a world-known MMO action game

iOS and Android apps providing millions of game fans worldwide with detailed statistics on battles and ratings, information from the battlefield, news, game balance, etc.

Cross-platform Mobile Development

Time-to-market and Cost-efficiency

Get your custom mobile app delivered by our cross-platform development team within an affordable budget and time.

Sigma Software groundwork, best practices, and architecture approaches we use allow us to safeguard project flexibility and efficiency with no need to compromise on quality.

Market Entry and Hypotheses Testing

Cross-platform development makes it possible to hit all commonly used mobile platforms to validate ideas and start gathering user feedback as soon as possible.

We stick to modular architecture to enable smart hypotheses testing so that you could easily replace the functionality that proved to be less viable with new features.

iOS and Android icons on the smartphone screens
Related Cases
RingoRang disruptive learning app delivering knowledge through a competition game

Innovative solution delivering information in gamified chunks through the whole training period thus resulting in people retaining 80% of things they learned in such trainings.

Cross-platform app for technicians installing city-wide IoT network devices afield

Delivered to Telematics Wireless as a part of a smart city solution enabling municipalities and utilities to control and manage street light operations with cost-efficiency and ease.

App for secure handling of meetings’ agenda and documents in government institutions

A mobile app that allows government officials to work with documents for upcoming meetings when convenient and in a secure way as well as share open meeting protocols with the public easily.

Mobile SDK and Middleware Development

Mobile SDK Development

A mobile SDK can prove useful both in the enterprise apps development as you can pack some common features set in the SDK & re-use them across all the apps you create and in commercial cases when you would like to monetize functionality, services, or content that will be distributed through multiple partner apps.

We develop a wide range of mobile SDKs that enable our customers to save costs on in-house development and unlock new revenue streams.

Middleware Development

When you need to integrate with a back-end system which is not tailored to working with mobile apps, middleware can prove to be an ideal solution for your custom mobile development.

We create middleware solutions to achieve better performance, more flexibility, and lower cost of change for your future or existing apps.

Mobile App Code
Related Cases
Mobile app and middleware for efficient clinical evidence capturing & exploration

The middleware yielded 5-times better performance of the app through optimizing the data set received from the back-end to transmit only the necessary and properly structured data.

Zapp360 mobile SDK providing means for placing Ads in apps on iOS & Android devices

The solution is integrated into numerous apps to deliver rich advertisements including animations, video, Google maps, etc. based on a wide variety of user-related parameters.

iOS and Android SDKs supporting 360 degree video playback and VPAID advertisements

The SDKs enable remote configuration for A/B testing & feature toggles and support extensive real-time analytics with a shared code-base for synchronization between two platforms.

Man with a highlighter in one hand planning application lifecycle

How Mobile App Development Works

When your mobile app evolves from an idea to an early-stage product, the major challenge lies in finding the most viable ideas and features that would bring the most value.
At this stage we support you through:
  • Safeguarding fast app launch
  • Minimizing cost of change
  • Gathering and analyzing user feedback and behavior
As soon as the app gets shaped and furnished with the most viable features, further expansion follows unveiling all the sticking points of the product and processes.
At this stage we support you through:
  • Timely identifying and resolving possible bottlenecks
  • Fine-tuning the app to support the growing number of users and load
Once the rush gradually subsides, your app becomes polished and mature and it’s time to take advantage of your market position through further optimization to maximize ROI.
At this stage we support you through:
  • Optimizing the app and processes to lower operational costs
  • Further experiments with new functionality to attract even more users

Our Craft

Strategy & Features

App development checklist

Our Business Analysts and Product Managers support you in elaborating product vision, identifying major challenges, constraints, and leverage points.

  • Product features prioritization & MVP scope definition
  • Optimal app type selection (native or cross-platform)
  • User behavior analysis (AARRR metrics, Feature metrics, etc.) and A/B Testing
  • Product strategy adjustment (including monetization strategies) and marketing support
UX wireframes for mobile app

Our UX experts and Software Architects continuously work in parallel to elaborate the app interface and user flow making sure the UX and architecture are well thought-out and technically feasible through the whole app lifecycle.

  • Target audience behavioral analysis
  • UX concept design including wireframes and user experience mapping
  • Software Architecture design for your app and back-end
  • Tailoring UX and app architecture to meet accessibility standards
Mobile app coding

Our Mobile Development experts, Mobile Architects, Designers, and Mobile App Testers cooperate to create a working application as fast as possible gradually turning it into a thriving product with each new iteration.

  • Mobile app development following “UI-first approach” and coding guidelines from Apple and Google
  • Evolutionary product development following continuous integration principles
  • App quality assurance and information security testing
Successful mobile app launch

The successful app launch is not the point of destination, but rather the first step towards a great journey of ongoing improvement and adjustment. Our major thrill and know-how lies in escorting customers through this journey of advancement.

  • App Store launch support
  • Feature flags (ability to control feature behavior without redeploying the app to store)
  • 1st, 2nd, and 3rd line support and maintenance services
Mobile App Development Technologies


Wearable Devices
React Native
Objectice C
Node JS
Snow-covered mountains



  • Well defined service processes with a special focus on planning and delivery control
  • Refined HR processes aimed to safeguard sustainable and uninterrupted service delivery
  • Robust quality control with a range of KPIs to track delivery quality and efficiency


  • Regular and detailed reporting on different management levels (weekly, monthly, etc.)
  • Clear, predictable, and consistent billing accompanied with detailed expenditure reports
  • Extensive use of task & project management systems like Jira, Confluence, Azure DevOps


  • Focus on delivering business value instead of just performing the tasks assigned
  • Working processes tailored for synergy with customer organization and business ways
  • Constant strive for optimization, better performance, and collaboration efficiency
App development contract negotiation

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