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Information Security and Cybersecurity

Strengthen your business resilience to potential cyber threats with our comprehensive security services designed to create a robust security management system according to industry standards and protect your entire operational landscape

Our Information & Cybersecurity Services Include

Services of experienced virtual CISO - working on a data security strategy
 ISO/IEC 27001

Compliance Provider

100+  Audits

Performed by our Security Specialists

Our clients choose us for

Fundamentally Practical Experience

Cybersecurity is a part of our daily routines as a software development company.

Our recommendations are backed by practical experience, not only best practices.

Tech & Service Partnerships

We unite CISO-level experts, security scientists & vendors to build synergies.

And deliver all-in-one IT security consulting to our clients worldwide.

Battle-hardened Professionals

Specialists with unique expertise in security defense within modern cyber-war.

Ensuring critical infrastructure cyber-guard against state-sponsored attacks.

Tailored Risk Management

We design our security strategies based on our clients’ unique risk profiles.

And come up with personalized solutions for each information security challenge.

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Cybersecurity Consulting

Cybersecurity Audit

The initial audit is what defines your cybersecurity journey and improvement steps. We help our clients understand their security posture and uncover hidden risks to prioritize efforts effectively.

Our cybersecurity team uses advanced tools and practices to delve deep into your IT infrastructure (including systems, networks, and applications) and identify existing weaknesses and vulnerabilities. We transform these findings into a detailed action plan with recommendations on fortifying resilience to cyber threats and maintaining compliance with the leading cybersecurity regulations, including SOC2.

Cybersecurity Strategy Consulting

As an experienced security advisor, we know well that the risk profiles of each client differ. So must the cybersecurity strategies. We work closely with you to develop a comprehensive security strategy that hits your unique challenges and goals.

Apart from strategy creation, we’ll help you integrate and configure advanced security solutions like endpoint protection, network segmentation, incident response systems, etc. to create a solid vulnerability management infrastructure. This will equip your team with the tools and knowledge necessary to swiftly detect and mitigate threats, as well as foster a security-first culture.

Security strategy
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Helping a Leading Self-Services Ad Platform Provider to Prepare for SOC 2 Compliance

We assessed current practices against SOC 2 and created a compliance strategy according to the principles of security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality & privacy.

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Application Security

App Security Framework

Navigating the app security landscape can be challenging. Hence, it’s crucial to have a holistic view and foster app security standards compliance on a company-wide scale to safeguard cybersecurity across the entire app portfolio.

We will analyze your app ecosystem, provide suggestions on how to eliminate existing vulnerabilities, and help you integrate diverse app security activities into a unified, mature cybersecurity framework. Our experts will also set up control & monitoring over necessary KPIs to help you understand the state of cybersecurity in each of your software applications.

Secure SDLC

Our Secure SDLC service focuses on integrating security right into your software development lifecycle. Thus, you can identify and address vulnerabilities proactively, creating more secure software products and mitigating possible risks for your business.

We will help you embed security measures early in the development stages by appending CI/CD workflow with security assessments, configuring extensive security testing to fix security breaches timely, and more. In addition, our experts will provide your team with complete guidance on the smooth adoption of proven cybersecurity practices.

Activity chart as an illustration of managed soc services
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Application Security Audit and New OWASP-Based Framework Implementation for CGM

Performed a two-stage security review of 260 services, assessed the overall InfoSec management framework, and helped the Client improve processes according to OWASP standards.

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Information Security Management

ISMS Implementation

We start each ISMS implementation project with a deep analysis of the organization’s current security setup to identify vulnerabilities and compliance gaps. Based on this evaluation, we craft an Information Security Management System that fits your business case best and aligns with international standards.

In parallel, we create a roadmap for optimal system implementation that involves not only the integration of technical controls and monitoring systems but also the implementation of organizational measures (i.e., targeted training and awareness programs for your staff) to strengthen your security framework on all levels.

Compliance to Security Standards

Our compliance team has hands-on experience in optimizing existing operations and building compliant processes that meet the requirements of diverse security standards, including ISO 27001, ISO 27002, ISO 27701, SOC 2, PCI DSS, DORA, GDPR, HIPAA, and NIS2.

We provide comprehensive assistance throughout the entire compliance journey, from the initial assessment to processes refinement and preparing for certification audits. Our team will make sure your overall security posture is on a high level and your processes are both compliant and aligned with your business objectives.

DevSecOps illustrated as the infinity symbol
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Optimizing & Extending DanAds’ Cybersecurity Strategy for SOC 2 Compliance

Ensuring Client‘s compliance with ISO 27001 cybersecurity standards through end-to-end strategy, policies & procedures development, security tools configuration, and staff training.

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Frameworks and Standards



Enhance your application security posture using OWASP's comprehensive methodologies, with our experts guiding you through the best practices of ASVS, SAMM, and DSOMM.

ISO Logo

ISO/IEC 27001

Rely on our team to build a robust information security management system aligned with the ISO/IEC 27001 standard to protect your data and boost customer confidence.

SOC 2 Logo


Leverage our hands-on expertise to achieve SOC 2 compliance, showcase your commitment to secure and private data handling, and gain a competitive edge in the market.

C5 Logo


Stay ahead in cloud security management with our C5-based strategic approach, ensuring your infrastructure of cloud services is reliable and comprehensively secured.



Use our holistic approach to DORA compliance to safeguard your security framework aligns with all 5 Dora pillars and your operations are resilient against IT risks.

Go to Dora Compliance Consulting
NIS 2 Logo


Strengthen your network and information systems according to the latest NIS 2 directive, as well as enhance your cybersecurity measures using our tailored guidance.

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Information Security in 3 Steps

The first step, we benchmark your current practices against required security standards to identify discrepancies and draw a clear picture of improvement areas.
At this stage, we support you through:
  • Current security policies, procedures & controls review
  • Comparing current practices with requirements (ISO 27001, SOC 2, etc.)
  • Vulnerabilities and non-compliance areas identification
  • Delivering a detailed gap analysis report with areas for improvement
Further, we come up with tailored recommendations for bridging identified gaps and a strategic roadmap to clear the path to compliance & enhanced security.
At this stage, we support you through:
  • Preparing actionable recommendations to address identified gaps
  • Recommendations prioritization based on risk, impact & requirements
  • Creation of a phased roadmap for healthy changes implementation
  • Guidance on best practices and industry standards
Our team will make sure your journey to compliance is smooth and provide you with hands-on support throughout the entire security changes implementation process.
At this stage, we support you through:
  • Implementation of recommended security controls and processes
  • Coaching and security awareness programs for the in-house team
  • Monitoring the progress and providing ongoing advice & adjustments
  • Preparation for compliance audits and certifications

Our Craft

Application Security

Visualization of the application security-as-a-service metrics

We embed security into our clients’ apps through building the solutions according to the leading security practices and entwining AppSec principles into SDLC process. This provides for better threat resilience and prolonged digital security. 

We do:
  • App security roadmap & strategy elaboration
  • Security metrics selection & visualization via dashboards
  • Information Security Management System (ISMS) implementation
  • CyberSecurity audits
  • Application security testing
Cloud protection icon

The more complex your infrastructure is and the more layers, components & connection points it has, the more vulnerable to potential cyber risks it is. Our security team will help you implement proactive defense strategies and secure your network from intrusion & data leakage. 

We do:
  • Security Operations Center creation from scratch
  • Network, endpoint & mobile security consulting
  • Network security testing & audits
  • Security management & cybersecurity compliance
Data protection icon

Data security is a key not only to business resilience, but also to regulatory compliance in diverse industries. We apply advanced technologies and practices to implement a tailored security program for your business-critical data confidentiality, availability & integrity. 

We do:
  • Assessment and vulnerabilities detection
  • Configuration of data protection through technology design
  • Selection and implementation of data protection technologies
  • Managed data security strategy creation & architecture design
Access restriction illustration

Our seasoned security specialists will help you envision and configure processes/tools needed for you to securely authenticate, manage & audit how apps, automation tools, and DevOps use their rights to access various sensitive resources within your organization.

We do:
  • Digital access management
  • Privileged access management
  • Identity advisory, governance & administration
Technologies background

Technologies and Standards We Use

Kali Linux
Burp Suite
Offensive Security
CrowdStrike Falcon
Misty clouds

Our RTP philosophy and vision


  • Focus on helping you achieve your business goals - both current and long-term
  • Battle-tested processes ensuring uninterrupted service & robust quality control
  • Rigid quality control with a range of KPIs to track delivery quality and efficiency


  • Regular status updates & reporting at different management levels
  • Clear, predictable, and consistent billing with full expenditure reports
  • PM tools of your choice (Jira, Confluence, Azure DevOps) & clear project flow tracking


  • Tailor-made solutions & focus on delivering value, not just performing the tasks
  • Finding new ideas & the most effective solutions for your individual case
  • Continuous optimization and enhancement of service delivery & performance
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