Migration From Legacy Systems

Technologies move fast. What was the hot trend yesterday, tomorrow will become outdated. Thus, companies are continuously seeking for opportunities to update existing systems and applications being in use.

Start saving with new technology

The cost of using outdated technologies may be hidden in operational delays, excessive work force, non-perfect user experience. Migration to the state-of-the-art technologies is quick and seamless with us. Sigma Software ensures smooth moving of customer’s products and applications from obsolete non-efficient technologies to new ones.

Streamline Migration with Modernization Tools

Sigma Software in cooperation with Mobilize.NET provides a sophisticated solution for moving to .NET and web technologies. Mobilize.NET modernization tools are widely used to transform important line-of-business applications from legacy Visual Basic 6.0 systems to .NET, web, mobile devices, and to the cloud. Mobilize tools allow saving up to 80% in comparison to a manual rewrite.

Easy Move for Java Apps

AjaxSwing allows companies that built Java desktop apps to run them as web applications with virtually no modifications. Staying at the edge of technology helps in remaining competitive on the market, in fact, every company is interested in it. Our comprehensive and valuable service helps clients solve their business issues related to use of obsolete systems in a cost-effective manner.
Software modernization engineers migrate obsolete system to new technologies
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