Usability Analysis

Efficiency of use can be a key factor that determines an app or web site popularity. Users try to avoid complicated and confusing apps and web sites. That is why eye-catching and easy-to-use products are the most successful nowadays.


Eliminate Time Wasting and Double Efforts

Our usability experts determine primary goals and scenarios of your product and evaluate your product based on usability standards and best practices. The evaluation reveals potential usability issues and provides recommendations on their solving.


Ensure Comprehensive and Thorough Analysis

In Sigma, we apply a combination of two efficient methods: cognitive walkthrough and heuristic analysis. As inputs for both methods, we gather user profile information and establish user scenarios. Using each method, we evaluate potential issues and bottlenecks assigning severity levels to each user action and interface component.


  • Pass through steps of each scenario
  • Identify a difficulty level for each scenario step
  • Generate a list of suggestions
  • Create a combined report with issues and recommendations


  • Analyze product components
  • Identify an ease-of-use level for each component
  • Generate a list of suggestions
  • Create a combined report with issues and recommendations


Make Your Product Intuitive and Easy to Use

A usability report provided by Sigma experts lists the identified issues and recommendations how to remove them. By implementing our experts’ recommendations, you can improve your product usability, ease of use and learning, and reduce the number of user errors.





  • Regrouping main actions: single actions at the first place, multiple actions at the second place
  • Replacing completed actions below the active ones into the separate section
  • Removing ads from all screens except the first and the last one
  • Getting rid of additional steps with multiple actions


  • Improved interface perception
  • Increased ease of use
  • Shortened execution time
  • Improved user satisfaction

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